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The Girl Power Campaign Review

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There is so much pressure no days for us to be someone we aren’t. To be skinnier, funnier, more social. As a mother of girls, I think it is important to start early teaching and encouraging them, to be who they are with no pressure to be someone else.

I have always been a “different” type of person. I didn’t learn to embrace my weirdness until I was an adult. I was often made to feel like I should be different, and dress different, and speak differently. As I grew older I stopped caring so much what people thought of me and the way I am as a person. I learned there are people out there who like me despite my differences.

The Girl Power Campaign has created a fun and powerful way for parents to help girls develop a healthy self-image and a successful growth mindset. Based on latest cognitive behavioral and growth mindset research we have created five simple steps that will change how girls see themselves, others, and their future. Join the Campaign, get your Girl Power bracelets and attire and begin the journey with your girl today. Click here to see Girl Power Custom T-shirts, Bracelets, Capri Yoga Pants, and Hoodies. Use promo code “GIFT4U” for 20% off your first order. Girl Power Bracelet and attire were featured in the Girl’s Life Magazine Back to School Fashion Bash in Maryland and will be given to all Miss America Contestants via Black Diamond Celebrity Gifting. Click here to see what moms are saying. A portion of our proceeds goes to helping underprivileged girls be a part of the Girl Power Campaign.

These products are great to help with empowering girls and helping them to be more comfortable in their own skin and to also help boost self-esteem.

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