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Beddit Sleep Tracker Review

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I received the Beddit Sleep Tracker in exchange for my opinion. The Beddit Sleep Tracker monitors your sleep patterns using a sensor. The sensor lies across your mattress and measures your heart rate, breathing and the quality of sleep, while you sleep.

Set up was pretty easy, I just had to place the sensor between my mattress and bed sheet and then download the app. Once that was done I paired the devices then turned it on and went to bed. Beddit figures out when exactly you are out by tracking your heart rate and pulse. It tracks through out the night and when you wake all you have to do is turn off and check out what was recorded. There are also alarm functions and other settings. Overall this was a great product. I have trouble sleeping and maybe this will help me to figure it out.

The Beddit Sleep Tracker works with your Iphone to provide around the clock sleep tracking, with Beddit Smart displays Sleep Score previous night’s sleep data nap feature tells you when you should take a nap, and wakes you up at the optimum time.

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