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The Flag Shirt #Review!

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The Flag Shirt

Thanks to The Flag Shirt I looked extra Patriotic this 4th of July. Even though I had to work, I got all snazzed up, because I had these awesome flag leggings to wear. Generally when I work, (I work nights, in a bar) I wear leggings. Why? You ask because they are comfortable, unless of course the elastic is so tight it’s that its cutting off all blood supply to your nether regions or worst, exposing your muffin top.

Those are the first 2 things I check before I buy a pair of leggings. Now this pair did neither, they were high enough to hide the fact that I’m a little muffiny, and the elastic was perfect, it didst cut off circulation, I would recommend this store to my friends.

Check out The Flag Shirt for yourself, they have everything flag.

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