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How To Cut Acrylic Sheets For Keychains With Your Cricut Maker

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The question that has been burning us all is, Can you cut acrylic sheets with Cricut cutting machine? You absolutely can with the Cricut Maker and the Knife Blade. 

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Cricut. The opinions and text are all mine.

Let me tell you why my Cricut Maker makes me so happy!

IMG 6864

I got my first Cricut forever ago. All I was doing back then is making scrapbooks.

Even at its petite 6-inch size, it was a game-changer and I fell in love! Over the years this machine has evolved so dang much!

IMG 6849

I mean my first machine there was no way really to make and upload your own designs! You always had to use a cartridge. I really enjoy the freedom of being able to make my own and upload to use with my machine.   

IMG 6873

Also back then all I could cut pretty much is paper, the Cricut Maker cuts hundreds of materials and virtually any fabric even delicate fabrics! And have you seen the other blades?! 

IMG 6872

All the blades that the Cricut Maker uses:

  • Rotary Blade | They offer a rotary blade that will cut through fabric that is unbonded. That means you don’t need a stabilizer as the Explore machines require. 
  • Scoring Wheel | This is a nice upgrade from the Scoring Stylus. Saves time and offers a clean scoring line. 
  • Knife Blade | You can use this to cut thicker leather and even items like balsa wood, which is incredible for crafting.  
  • Basic Perforation Blade | Creates perfect tear-offs and easy peel-aways using paper, cardstock, acetate, poster board, and more
  • Wavy Blade | Quickly create a fun wavy edge on a variety of popular materials.
  • Fine Debossing Tip | Customize projects with crisp, detailed debossed designs – no folders necessary (buh bye cuddle bug)
  • Engraving Tip | Engrave unique and permanent designs on a variety of materials.

They are all super fun to use. I can easily switch between blades.


The design space software makes it so easy to make projects that look like a professional job! With tons of images and fonts, you can design like a pro. I really like using Design Space for making stickers.

Long Video.00 02 32 07.Still005

Drawing and writing with the Maker is amazing! I enjoy using Infusible Ink Pens to make new and creative things.

top view of cricut maker with fabric pieces and easy press 2 to make owl fabric appliques
Super-Cute Owl Fabric Applique 

And most of all I often forget to change out the blade when doing different projects. The maker is foolproof when its time to cut, because it will let you know once you have chosen your material when if you have the right tool or not.

IMG 6865

How To Cut Acrylic Sheets For Keychains With Your Cricut Maker

I bet at this point, youre ready to hear about How To Cut Acrylic Sheets For Keychains With Your Cricut Maker. To cut acrylic you will need to have the knife blade but from there it’s like cake.

Just follow the instructions below. Or grab the project.

How To Cut Acrylic Sheets For Keychains
Yield: 1-6

How To Cut Acrylic Sheets For Keychains

Prep Time: 45 minutes
Active Time: 45 minutes
Additional Time: 1 day
Total Time: 1 day 1 hour 30 minutes
Difficulty: Intermediate
Estimated Cost: $15

Learn to how to cut acrylic sheets to make keychains with your Cricut machine! Learn all the basics here and then design and make your own!


  1. Make a circle and resize to 3 inches.
  2. Make another circle and resize to .25 inches.
  3. Place the small circle on top of the larger one in about the place you want the hole.
  4. Select both (just drag your mouse over them both at the same time)
  5. Go to align, and select align horizontally.
  6. Then click slice.
  7. You now have 3 circles, you can remove the 2 smaller ones.
  8. Duplicate your large circle twice.
  9. Change the 2 new to a different color. This way you can differentiate between your acrylic and vinyl. The 2 colored circles are vinyl.
  10. Using Design Space Images, shapes and fonts I made a little mouse with a bow. You can grab my project above. The font I used is Babett.
  11. Type out the text and move the letters together and weld.
  12. Resize to fit your circle.
  13. Click make it.
  14. To cut the acrylic I chose the basswood setting, you will have to make a few passes, or if you are impatient like me you can carefully punch it out.
  15. I cut 2 different vinyl Patterns and the name in holographic vinyl, I used recommended settings for this those.
  16. Get everything weeded and start applying the vinyl.
  17. Transfer the vinyl to the transfer sheet and lay sticky side up and place your acrylic over the top of the vinyl and line it up, this was the easiest way I found to do this.
  18. Once you have placed all of the pieces to your keychain, its time to mix the epoxy.
  19. Mix according to the bottle instructions.
  20. Place cardstock or something under the acrylic, because we are working with a very strong glue.
  21. I like to work on a few at a time, put a good size amount of epoxy in the middles of each.
  22. Epoxy is self-leveling so you just need to make sure the whole thing is wet, but not necessarily level.
  23. It will level itself.
  24. If you see bubbles, gently blow hot air through a straw to remove.
  25. Allow to cure at least 24 hours, add a key ring and enjoy.

Did you make this project?

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David H.

Sunday 3rd of May 2020

WOW..$14.99 for those sheets at Michaels.!!! You can buy..PALSUN Palsun 0.093-in T x 14-in W x 11-in L Clear Polycarbonate Sheet at Lowes for a little over $7 and OPTIX 0.08-in T x 8-in W x 10-in L Clear Acrylic Sheet for a little over $3. FYI..the 1/8" (.0125 inches) you use is 3.175 mm. Also in the above .093 inches is 2.362 mm and .08 inches is 2.032 mm. Would these be too thin for your keey chains?? I'm going to use these to cut out my quilting templates. If too thin, i'll just cut 2 or 3 out and glue them together to make them thicker. I don't need to them to look pretty like you do for your keychain. (yes i know i can use my maker to cut out my quilt pieces instead of using a template and cutting wheel :) )

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Thursday 16th of April 2020



Tuesday 7th of January 2020


nice and informative! I was reading about the Maker and it said do not use anything more than 2 mm thick acrylic. Yours is 1/8" think which is equivalent to a little over 3 mm. Comments are definitely welcome. Thank you

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Friday 22nd of November 2019

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jerri marks

Tuesday 5th of November 2019

love the video think the music was just wrong in so many ways what if a young child was watching too learn what is so cute

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