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Life Without Plastic Review

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Life Without Plastic Review and Giveaway

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I got to do a Life Without Plastic Review of their 3 Piece stainless steel dish set.

When I was offered the review, I thought just from sight it would be like a flimsy aluminum type metal. I was extremely shocked when I pulled it out and this set is made out of high quality stainless steel and is very well made and sturdy.  I was also surprised that even with the thickness of the set that it isn’t super heavy. This would be a great set for picnicing or camping. The bowl and tumbler both are double walled an insulated to protect your hands from heat.

I can’t see using this as an everyday in house set, now days there is a lot of microwave use, or at least there is in my home and this set being a metal is not microwave safe.

The set is the perfect size for either an adult or a child to use, it isn’t too big and not too small.

Over all this set is great, I love camping and picnics and this set will be added to my picnic basket.

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