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How To Make Personalized Easter Baskets With The Cricut

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Personalized Easter baskets are a great way to make a personal and unique gift for Easter. Adding names to your easter baskets creates a personal touch!

My Cricut made it really easy to make these personalized easter baskets. Personalizing has kind of been my thing since I got my Cricut!

Personalized Easter Baskets 38

These basket tags came out so adorable and they were easy to make! You could even get the kids involved it was so easy!

Personalized Easter Baskets

I am always trying to make unique Easter baskets for my kids. So this year I just added this little tag to their wicker baskets. They will be so busy showing off their baskets that they won’t be able to focus on the easter egg hunt.

white wicker easter basket close up with personalized easter basket tag

Last year I also used my Cricut cutting machine to personalize my baskets, but I used a dollar tree bucket to personalize with a unicorn, then stuffed it with all sorts of great Easter gifts.

My personalized easter basket tags came out perfect, and the beads were a nice touch. I have some plans on a basket insert also, that I will personalize with my EasyPress 2 heat press.

close up of air dried clay personalized easter basket tag

What are good Easter gifts?

Those are just a few ideas, but there is so much more you can add to your personalized easter baskets to make them special for the receiver.

white wicker easter basket whole view with personalized easter basket tag

If you are looking for more Easter Basket Ideas

If you try out this Personalized Easter Baskets With The Cricut project I would love for you to come back and comment on how it went for you! I can’t say enough how much easier Cricut makes, making gifts personal and unique!

teal diy easter basket with bunnicorn and colorful dots and glue with peeking bunny and colored dots

Make sure to check out this DIY Easter Basket with Free SVG file too!

Do you usually make your own Easter baskets, or purchase from the store? My kids have loved, for years the personal touch that I always put into their baskets.

Grab the project below.

champaign cricut maker with all the supplies to make a personalized easter basket

Cricut Personalized Easter Basket Tag

Prep Time: 15 minutes
Active Time: 20 minutes
Additional Time: 24 minutes
Total Time: 59 minutes
Difficulty: Easy
Estimated Cost: $20

Personalized Easter baskets are a great way to make a personal and unique gift for Easter. Adding names to your easter baskets creates a personal touch!


  1. Place a sheet of wax paper on a hard surface and begin to roll out the clay about 1/4 inch thick continuously flipping clay to ensure a smooth surface on both sides. *Note: If clay seems to be a bit dry, add a few drops of water. Personalized Easter Baskets 8
  2. If your clay starts to form little cracks, lay a sheet of wax paper on top of the clay while using the heat and pressure from your hands to slowly smooth over the top surface of the clay.
  3. Next, use the cookie cutter to create the shape of your personalized Easter basket tag. Personalized Easter Baskets 12
  4. To create a hole for the twine, use a straw or cake pop stick
    towards the top of the cutout. Personalized Easter Baskets 14
  5. Allow to fully air dry for 24-48 hours.
  6. Once the clay is fully dry, being to paint with chalk paint.Personalized Easter Baskets 15
  7. Allow the paint to dry
  8. While that is drying, paint the wood beads. I’m using two larger beads
    and two smaller beads.Personalized Easter Baskets 17
  9. Use a stick or small rod to string beads across for easier
  10. Thread the twine through the clay cutout Personalized Easter Baskets 34and tie a knot towards the top
    of the hole.
  11. Add wood beads, alternating colors or sizes depending on
    what style you prefer. Personalized Easter Baskets 20
  12. Once all beads are attached, tie another knot towards the top of the last bead to keep in place.
  13. In Cricut design space create the text with the name you will be adding for
  14. Sizing will depend on the length of the name, however, I’ve found a good size to be around 1.5” width by 0.5” height.
  15. Use any style font that you like.
  16. Load the adhesive vinyl onto the blue mat, into the machine, adjust material dial or setting in the app to “vinyl” and hit make it.Personalized Easter Baskets 23
  17. Once the vinyl has been cut, use your weeding tool and remove the excess vinyl around and inside each letter.Personalized Easter Baskets 27
  18. Cut off enough transfer tape and remove the carrier sheet.
  19. Lay the sticky transfer paper onto the weeded vinyl and apply pressure with a scraper tool or old credit card rubbing it back and forth.Personalized Easter Baskets 30
  20. Flip the design face down and slowly remove the vinyl’s backing leaving the vinyl adhered to the transfer paper.
  21. Now, apply the vinyl attached to the transfer tape to the finished clay cutout.
  22. Use the scraper tool on the surface while applying pressure to the adhered vinyl.
  23. Slowly and carefully remove the transfer tape off and away from the clay.
  24. The vinyl will remain and adhere to the cutout.
  25. Tie it to your basket and you’re all finished!Personalized Easter Baskets 37


Add fun charms or pom-poms to your tags to make them even more
fun and give them more personalization.

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