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@RAVPower RP-PB08 Luster 3000mAh External Battery #Review!

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This thing has saved my life a few times now. I say that because I would literally die without my phone! I really do mean die. My phone is a big part of my everyday life. I am very family oriented and as the oldest if something happens I am usually one of the first calls made.

Also EVERYTHING is linked to my phone, my blog, all of my social networking sites, my email. Because of that I am able to quickly respond to comments and messages.  So it is essential that I keep a charge.

This portable charger is lightweight and small. It fit in a pocket in my purse, also I could charge it with the same adapter that I used to charge my phone. As an added bonus it has a flash light on the end, that has 3 modes.

I take it with me everywhere and now I never have to worry about my phone dying. You can get one here for only $13.99 shipped @amazon.

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