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Sodastream Is The Best Drink Machine Invented! The Review!

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Sodastream Review

I had the great pleasure of reviewing the Sodastreem. As you may or may not know with this machine you turn regular tap water into pop or soda, what ever you call it at home.
I was definitely a skeptic! Not anymore because this thing is freaking awsome!

Once I figured out how to get the carbonator in, it was all good from there on out! My kids love it and it saves tons of money, and its super simple to make. It takes no electricity or batteries!

All you have to do is fill the carbonation bottle with ordinary tap water (I say refrigerate for a while so you don’t need ice, screw it on to your soda streme and press the button 3 times and your done!

It’s super fast and easy!

The machine isn’t priced too bad, when you think about the long term savings it is at an excellent get it here for only $79.99 shipped!

Now lets get to the money saving part of things, a normal 2 liter cost you about $1.50, but you can get the mix for your soda stream here for as low as $6.99 shipped! That’s only $0.85 per 2 liter! The soda is delicious!

It is for sure worth the the small amount to get started! You will save tons in the long run!


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Kathy Smith

Thursday 10th of May 2018

Thanks for sharing this review. I get more ideas from it. I love soda and am looking for best soda maker to buy.