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Zouq Foods Review

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GoP15_12-16_HolidayGiftBox-APPROVED_Website HeaderThere is always someone in the family who is hard to shop for, who is Vegan, Gluten Free, and health conscious. That’s where Zouq foods come in, they have a great selection of snacks that are free of MSG, Gluten, Artificial Flavors and are also Gluten Free. These snacks are delicious, and I am one who doesn’t really care about my snacks being free of MSG, Gluten, Artificial Flavors however on my quest to become a healthier me these have made it to becoming a regular snack in my home. Go here to get great snacks for your family.


About the company:

Zouq is a social enterprise with the mission to foster the celebration and welcoming of cultural differences from across the globe. We see a future where understanding and appreciation is second nature and all people are free to express their culture wherever they go.

food is a great cultural equalizer! ZOUQ aims to bring the taste of cultures together for greater understanding and appreciation.

food has the power to create bonds and to start conversations. People invite folks to their homes to strengthen these very bonds, to share with others a part of their culture and identity. By breaking bread with folks from a different cultural background, we build the most organic types of meaningful connections.

Zouq uses its brand to bring awareness of cultures from around the world to the mainstream United States.

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