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How To Survive Baby Teething Using Baltic Amber

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We never imagined how hard baby teething would be when I was in the struggle to get pregnant with my children. Today I’m going to tell you How To Survive Baby Teething Using Baltic Amber.

conceiving our first child wasn’t too bad, we were pregnant within the first two months of trying, but when it came time to give him a sibling, it wasn’t as easy. We tried for a year before we decided that we should seek out a specialist who could help us figure out why it was taking five times as long as it did for our first child.  

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How To Survive Baby Teething Using Baltic Amber  

What we came to find out was that we had secondary infertility caused by an unknown reason. They checked both of our hormone levels, my husband’s sperm count, my ovaries and Fallopian Tubes, but everything came back normal.  

The doctor could give us no known reason for why we were experiencing problems getting pregnant again. The silver lining was that we knew we had healthy sperm, eggs, and uterus, and so IVF would be a viable option if we wanted to go that route. After discussing our options with my husband, we decided that IVF was something we would like to try.  

Fast-forward to the delivery of our triplets. You heard me right. Instead of having one baby, or maybe even two, the two fertilized eggs we implanted into my uterus became three babies. We welcomed another son and two identical twin girls. Our family was now complete.  

However, our struggles had just begun. Although they were delivered early, they were delivered at 34 weeks, which was really good for a triplet birth. They spent a couple of weeks in NICU but for the most part, the recovery of their births for everyone involved was a lot easier than we originally had thought.  

We had now entered the part of our lives where everyone was mobile, but due to being premature, they were delayed in some areas. They didn’t start teething til a month before their first birthday, and by that time we were already exhausted. We had just got them on a set schedule where they were sleeping through the night, and they were just mobile enough that they could play with each other during the day.  

Survive Baby Teething

Since the baby teething had started, we had lost all resemblance to a normal schedule. They cried 24/7 and they fought each other any time they were awake. Not to mention, they were always awake now because their gum inflammation bothered them so bad they couldn’t sleep. Nothing we found at our local grocery store was working. I was desperate.  

My mom had found an article on Baltic amber baby teething necklaces when doing some research for me. She told me that due to the succinic acid in the stone, it acted as a natural anti-inflammatory. That meant that the gum inflammation that was making them cranky and keeping them up at night would recede and provide much needed relief.  

How did amber work for infants who couldn’t stay still though? She sent me a link to Baltic Amber baby teething necklaces. The link states that when amber is worn, it allows the body to heat the stone, causing the succinic rich oils to seep through the surface and into the bloodstream. Once absorbed, it’s as if you took a dose of an OTC anti-inflammatory.  

I purchased three and hoped they would arrive quickly. If this worked, maybe we could get some sleep around here! They arrived within a week and I put them on the triplets immediately. I didn’t notice so much of a difference the first day, but after wearing the necklace for three days, I noticed that the twins were more calm during the hours they were awake.  

Survive Baby Teething

By the end of the first week, we had got our first full night of sleep since the babies had started teething. I took a look in their mouth the next morning and could see teeth sprouting up. Their gum inflammation had almost completed reduced itself back to normal, and the amounts of drool they were producing had reduced significantly.  

By the end of their birthday month, each baby had two teeth completely erupted through the gums. Thanks to Baltic amber, though, we hardly noticed until they were smiling one day! Without Baltic amber, I’m almost certain that we would have lost our sanity before we saw the day of their first actual tooth. I’m so glad that we trusted mother nature and my own mother’s advice!  


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