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My 5 Fall #Handbag Essentials with U by Kotex!

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This article is sponsored by U by Kotex and Walmart. All opinions are 100% my own.

My 5 Handbag Essentials

As women, especially women who have children, as the weather changes from warm to cold it seems like we need a larger bag to carry it all, but even with all the junk that is involved in the chaos that is the inside of my purse there are always 5 essentials that  must be in my handbag.

1. U by Kotex

The U by Kotex click are awesome. They are compact and can easily fit into even the smallest handbags. The rounded tip makes the application of the tampon very easy. It expands for total protection, helping you to save your undies. You can get a  U by Kotex coupon here. If you share on Facebook and Twitter you get a greater coupon value, the more you share, the greater the value.

The offer includes three coupons for Kleenex ($0.50, $0.75, $1) and three for UbK ($0.75, $1, $1.50)


2. Kleenex Slim Packs

We all know we leave allergy season and go straight into clod and flu season. Cant get caught with the sniffles, and this is why I have to carry Kleenex in my bag. Currently you can get Kleenex on specially marked packages of U by Kotex. You can get coupons for Kleenex here, make sure to share because the more you share the coupon the greater the discount.

The offer includes three coupons for Kleenex ($0.50, $0.75, $1) and three for UbK ($0.75, $1, $1.50)


3. Candy or gum

I have got to have some kind of candy or gum in my bag, the only thing worst than the sniffles is yuck mouth, so I keep a variety of gum and candies in my purse.


4. Lip Balm

This is something I never, ever, ever leave home without. If you are a regular reader of my blog, then you have heard me talk about the fact that I have some soup coolers. My lips are very naturally dry. Cold weather really just makes it worst.


5. Hand lotion

I also have naturally dry skin, which is why I make sure to carry a great hand lotion in my bag.


U by Kotex and Kleenex Slim packs can be purchased at Walmart. What 5 items are essentials for your handbag in the fall?

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