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How To Recycle Old Newspaper Ads!

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Recycle Old Newspaper.

There aren’t enough people who recycle, so here is a great project to recycle old newspaper! Make this 50s Starburst mirror! The one pictured is priced at $50!



Here is what you will need:

1 Larger round Mirror – $7.07

Assorted sized mirrors pack of 25 – $4.03

1 Scrap wire – $0 find an old piece of wire or you can use a picture hanger

1 old cd – $0 find one that’s all scratched up

1 piece of scrap fabric – $0 old shirt anything, doesn’t have to be fancy

1 Can of metallic spray paint – $5.89

like 40 old store ads

Here is the first part of the video



Here is part 2

Feel Free to ask questions.

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