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How To Apply HTV To A Zipper Hoodie With Video

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I have always wanted a customized hoodie, but I had to figure out how to apply HTV to a zipper hoodie–and I did! It’s way easier than I over-thought-it-would be. And so fun.

I mean, I’m not going to take the time to apply htv to every zipper hoodie in my collection–I have a lot of zip-up hoodies.

But, for that one or two times that you want something really cool to wear, this is the easiest way to personalize a hoodie and make that text go all the way across the zipper, so you get a cohesive design from left chest to right, with no breaks!

Seriously, this makes for a really cool gift idea or a fun gift-to-oneself. But the honest truth is that it’s a great idea all the way around because in the winter, you’re not wearing your cool customized t-shirts you’re wearing a hoodie.

So, why not have a customized hoodie on top of all that?!

Just makes sense to me. Ha!

And, let’s be honest. The biggest concern I had with this project was “what do you do with the zippers?” Like, this isn’t some flat project like mousepads or even a plain t-shirt.

You can’t just lay out transfer paper and bam! And you’re done. No…it’s a little more complex than that.

So, I thought, and I practiced and, after a few close calls, I think I have this figured out. I love the way this Stay Humble, Hustle Hard hoodie turned out.

A little bit like magic.

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What do I need to Apply HTV To A Zipper Hoodie?

For this project here is what you need:


Grab this file.

grey hoodie with a zipper with vinyl lettering
Yield: 1

How To Apply HTV To A Zipper Hoodie

Prep Time: 10 minutes
Active Time: 20 minutes
Total Time: 30 minutes
Difficulty: Intermediate

The hard part about applying htv to a zipper hoodie is the zipper! Check out my little hack and apply heat transfer vinyl to any zippered hoodie like a pro!



    1. Create a design or purchase this one and more at the Jamela by Pink Shop.
    2. Adjust to the size you need.
    3. Heat the Cricut EasyPress to 330 and set the timer for 30 seconds.
    4. Place the vinyl on your sticky mat, transfer side down.
    5. Load into your machine. Make sure the settings match up with the type of vinyl you want to use.
    6. And Cut.
    7. Using your EasyPress make sure the fabric over the zipper is down and press just long enough to remove any lines or wrinkles.
    8. Unload the cutting machine.
    9. Fold vinyl down the middle to find the center.
    10. Place the center of the design directly where the 2 sides of fabric meet on the hoodie.
    11. Press at 330 for 30 seconds.
    12. Use your fingernail to press the vinyl into the seems (see video below)
    13. Use the precision cutting tool to carefully cut the vinyl creating 2 sides.
    14. Remove the transfer backing and press again, covered with Teflon or butcher paper another 15 seconds.

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Louise McClain

Saturday 7th of March 2020

Thank you for sharing this great informative tutorial I love it