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How To Make An Easy Santa Cam Ornament

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I’m sure if you are here you have seen the adorable Santa Cam Ornaments using realistic lenses. It has to be the best way to get the kiddos to behave and make them think that Santa is always watching, right?

DIY Santa Cams are so easy to make, and I love freebies, so, I am giving you free svg files so you can make your own!

red santa cam ornament with real lens and black lettering

Today is the day that you learn to make your very own Santa Cam Ornament. And more importantly, get a few months of extremely good behavior from the kiddos.

3 red santa cam ornaments sitting on a buffalo plaid cloth

What Does The Santa Cam Do?

In short, it is a round ornament that a camera lens has been attached to.

For example, it includes the words, Santa Cam, on the front to make it clear that this is how Santa is watching what I am doing.

But, you can optionally add a red dot to make it more similar to a real camera. I don’t think smaller kids will even notice that there isn’t one.

For example, the idea of a Santa Cam is I suppose similar to an elf on a shelf. Firstly, after making it is to hang the ornament on your tree. So, that it looks like an actual spy cam.

The way it works is, make sure to let the kids know since Santa can’t be everywhere at 1 time, this is how he will see if they are naughty or nice.

red santa cam ornament with real lens and black lettering

How Do You Make Santa Cam Ornaments With Lenses?

Make sure to grab my free file, print the instructions, and complete the project, however, you will need to provide your email address to access the files.

After that, you can, toss this easy project inside a mailer box with the letter from Santa and make it look like the package is straight from the north pole.

Above all, the kids will be talking about this for a while, and so will friends and family.

applying the lens to a red diy santa spy cam with real lens and black lettering

To clarify, you don’t need much to make this adorable Santa Cam Ornament all you need is.

red diy spy cam next to cricut maker

Are you looking for more Christmas Ideas?

If you are interested in some other holiday ornaments and project here is a Santa Cam ornament paper craft that is just as adorable as this one. Also, you have to check out this Winter Hat DIY Christmas Ornaments. Another personal favorite is this Cricut Joy Christmas Ornament With Free SVG!

Letter from Santa to accompany Santa spy cam

Grab The Free Santa Cam SVG, PNG, and PDF printable letter from Santa below.

How To Make A Santa Cam Ornament
Yield: 1

How To Make A Santa Cam Ornament

Prep Time: 20 minutes
Active Time: 25 minutes
Additional Time: 2 hours
Total Time: 2 hours 45 minutes
Difficulty: Easy
Estimated Cost: $5

Make this adorable Santa Cam Ornament to keep the kiddos on the "nice list". This Santa Cam Ornament is a low cost extremely quick easy project and the perfect addition to your Elf on a Shelf.


  1. Download the free svg (check in the materials).
  2. Place adhesive vinyl onto the mat.
  3. Use the brayer if you need a little help with it sticking.
  4. Load into your Cricut Machine.
  5. Click make, then on the next page continue.
  6. Select vinyl for your material then press cut.
  7. While your Adhesive vinyl is cutting, remove the top of the ornament.
  8. Grab the polycrylic and put on gloves.
  9. Fill the dropper and add to the inside of your ornament.
  10. Swirl the liquid around making sure that you have covered everything.
  11. Pour out excess polycrylic and sit inside a cup to drain.
  12. Allow to drain a while, I don't time them, I usually wait till I can see through them without them looking too cloudy.
  13. You can now add the glitter.
  14. Swirl the glitter around the bulb until completely covered.
  15. I like to take something to cover the top and shake a bit.
  16. Pour excess glitter back into the container.
  17. Tapping the sides to make sure you don't leave any behind.
  18. Remove and weed your vinyl. I like to use the ring to grab the smaller pieces.
  19. Separate the words.
  20. Using transfer tape, transfer the words to the bulb.
  21. Place the middle first and work out to the sides, you may need to cut some slits for it to lay flat.
  22. Remove the transfer tape. And repeat with the other word.
  23. On the bottom (smaller portion of the lens) add a nice amount of hot glue.
  24. Apply the lens to the bulb.
  25. Cut some ribbon.
  26. Tie the ends in a knot.
  27. Slip through the top and slip through to form a slip knot.
What is a Santa cam ornament.

A Santa Cam Ornament is an ornament that looks like a video camera. You hang it on your tree and the kids behave because they think Santa is watching them through the Santa Cam Ornament.

How To Make Santa Cam Ornaments?

What Does a Santa Cam Do?

The Santa Cam is designed to detour your children from misbehaving, by making them think that Santa is watching through the tiny cam lens.

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I never received my svgs after i entered my email.

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Hi, where do you get your camera lens from.