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32 Clever Uses For Baby Wipes Other Than Wiping Butts

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32 Clever Uses For Baby Wipes Other Than Wiping Butts


If you have a baby you might have found yourself reaching for a baby wipe even when it didn’t involve your baby. Baby wipes are a multi-use cleansing cloth that can be used for so many things. From removing your makeup, cleaning sticky fingers, getting marks off the wall and more. Don’t box these glorious baby wipes into just cleaning the bottoms of babies! Check out my clever uses for baby wipes, that don’t require wiping butts. 

My babies are all grown now, but I still buy baby wipes regularly to keep in my home and even in my car. From cleaning up small spills to cleaning houseplants, removing your makeup, and the list continues. Don’t underestimate these baby wipes for one second!

What Can You Use Baby Wipes For

Makeup Remover

Baby wipes are very gentle, so they work great at removing makeup on your face.  From pulling off that stuck on foundation to tackling eyeliner and mascara. 

At Home Hair Color Oops

After you apply your hair color, use it to wipe away any color that got on your skin. The dye will stain if it stays on your skin, so the baby wipe is perfect wipe and toss system for cleaning up around your hairline. 

Dashboard In Car

Driving and see some dust bunnies developing on your dash? Wipe down your dash and console with a baby wipe and toss. It clings the dust right to the wipe, without damaging your dash or console. 

Swiffer Pad Replacement

Swiffers are wonderful for quick cleanup around the home. But, the replacement pads are pricey. Place a baby wipe or two on the pad, and wipe away. They push right into the holes on the side. 

Tame Flyaways

Pack a travel pack of wipes in your purse. That way when you are out and see you have a little too many flyaways on your hair-do, just wipe it down with a baby wipe. It will stick your hair down, and give you that clean and crisp look in seconds. No hairspray required. 

Spill Cleanup

Whether you are at home or on the go, use wipes to clean up quick spills. Whether it is your child’s juice in the back of the car, a mess in your kitchen, or anywhere else. Wipes work great since they are damp, it cleans up without leaving a sticky residue behind. 

Marks on Wall

Baby wipes are good for cleaning up marker, crayon, and pencil off the walls. Gentle enough they won’t hurt the paint. I use these all the time for those little stuck on messes I come across. 


I sometimes use baby wipes to clean the baseboards. Attach to the end of your broom and secure with a rubber band so you don’t break your back bending down. It will pull up dust and dirt fast, and leave your baseboards sparkling. 

Cleaning Nose During Winter

They are great during cold and flu season to clean noses without chapping the skin for young kids. You all know regular Kleenex’s can be harsh after a few nose blows. Give wipes a try and see how you like them. I like the natural wipes for this. 

Leather Shine

Do you have a leather or leather-like couch? Use baby wipes to gently clean it and give it a shine. Great for purses and belts as well. Baby wipes offer such a gentle formula they won’t harm your leather. I do always suggest testing a small area to ensure it won’t react, as some leather could have a protective layer that could potentially react to baby wipes. 

Clean Table at Restaurants

Keep some in your purse and use them to wash down the tables at restaurants. While it won’t sanitize the table, it can wipe away any sticky residue. It works when you are in a pinch and want need a little cleanup. 

Stain Remover

They are great for removing fresh stains out of clothes. Just blot and work at pulling up the stain. Keep some in a sandwich bag in your purse or buy a travel size. Nothing is worse than eating lunch and getting a stain you have to walk around with for the rest of the day. 

Clean Dusty Shoes

If your shoes have collected a little dust, you are not alone. Grab a few wipes and give it a quick wipedown. No one has to know you used a baby wipe to tackle that dust and dirt. 

Computer Keyboard

Clean your computer keyboard with a wipe. Wipes work great at pulling up any residue or stickiness and works great at getting rid of crumbs. It won’t disinfect but it can clean up your keyboard without risking removing the lettering from keys. 

Soothe A Sunburn

If you are out after a long day at the beach, use a baby wipe to apply to your fresh sunburn. It can bring a lot of relief until you get home. I find the baby wipes with aloe work best for sunburns. 

Clean Up Pet Fur

Use to wipe down your pets to help reduce fur all over your house, also great for removing some dander as well. Great for cleaning muddy paws after being outside on a rainy or snowy day.

 Self Tanner

If you get too much self-tanner in one area, use a baby wipe to remove any excess tanner. This will help get rid of any dark orangish areas on your skin, so no one has to know it is a self-tanner look. 

Nail Polish

Did you get polish on your skin when polishing your nails? Use baby wipes to wipe it away before it dries. It will give you that fresh manicure look like you get in the salon. 

Dust Houseplants

Wipe off dusty houseplants with your baby wipes. Fake houseplants or even real over time can get dust buildup on their leaves. Baby wipes have a gentle formula so you can easily wipe them clean, without harming them. 

Light Switches

Use to wipe finger and hand prints off light switches. No more fingerprints on your lights. Works great on doorknobs as well. Both need to be cleaned often to stay clean. 


Use them at the gym to wipe down the equipment before you use it. Sometimes when you are at the gym you will find they are out of cleaner or wipes. Baby wipes work in a pinch. 

Hemorrhoid Cream Replacement

Baby wipes can be a great alternative to hemorrhoid cream. Gently wipe your bottom and it will help soothe you. Then you can feel more at easy as you go about your day. 

Clean Chalkboards

They are great for cleaning chalkboards. Just allow your board to dry after wiping it down, before you start writing on it. A great way to remove any chalk dust that is lingering. 

Dust Books

Wipe down old dusty book covers without damaging them. Just be careful when wiping pages on the edge so you don’t get a papercut. 

DIY Crafts

Use them for fun and easy tie dye crafts like this one. You can find a lot of crafts at home that could use baby wipes for the process. 

Curl Hair

Check out this tutorial on how to curl your hair with baby wipes. I never would have known you can use baby wipes to help curl your hair, but they prove it can be done! 

Freshen Up

Use them while camping to quickly freshen up or even on a hot day when you are out shopping or running errands. Get rid of that smelly odor as you are out in the hot sun. 

Clean Skin

If your child gets marker or pen marks on their skin, wipe it away with ease using a baby wipe. No harsh scrubbing needing and irritating their skin. Baby wipes to the rescue! 

Static Remover

Get rid of static in your hair or clothes, just take one and wipe on your hair or skirt or pants that have the cling.

Clean Toys

Clean sticky substances off of the kid’s toys. I do this often for little toys that can’t be washed that easily in the sink. It is a great way to help cleanup quick messes. 

Clean Makeup Brushes

Lay a wipe down on the counter and take your brush and wipe it back and forth on the wipe. It will do a quick job of removing makeup. While it won’t fully clean them, it will do a great job for in between full-on cleanse. 

Outside of Fridge

Do a quick wipe down on the outside of your fridge to remove any food particles or smudges.

Jewelry Cleaner

Clean your jewelry with them. Just gently wipe gems and chains. I do suggest testing your jewlery to make sure it doesn’t react at all to the type of metal. 

Toilet Paper

Use them as an alternative to toilet paper. If you run out of toilet paper, these will work when you are in a pinch. This works great for adults and kids. 

Frying Pan

Clean up any extra grease with baby wipes before washing them. They do a great job and make the cleanup a breeze. Then wash and dry as you normally would after. 

Remove Sand

If you go to the beach pack the wipes. It works great at removing sand from the skin, just wipe it away with the wipes.


If you hate licking stamps or envelopes, use baby wipes to get them wet so they seal. This will save you from tasting the envelope sealer and gets the job done. 

Deodorant Marks

If you have a deodorant mark on your shirt don’t change it! Grab a baby wipe and use it to wipe away the mark on your shirt. Works like a charm every time.

Clean Remote

Use baby wipes to get into all those small hard to reach areas on your remote controls! Try to clean them at least once a week. This will help keep your remotes cleaner and less germs lingering. 

Candle Soot

Burn a candle and notice all the black at the top? Use a baby wipe to easily wipe away any candle soot to leave your candle looking nice and clean. Just clean it when your candle is not lit.

Ceiling Fans

Use them to dust your ceiling fan blades and other areas of the fan. Just turn it off allow to stop and dust away.


What ways do you use baby wipes in your home? 

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