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How An Exciting Trip To Victoria’s Secret Can Turn Into Rage and Back To Excitement….

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How An Exciting Trip To Victoria's Secret Can Turn Into Rage and Back To Excitement....So yesterday I went to Victoria’s Secret in search of a great bra. I hadn’t been fitted in years, about 13 years to be exact. So I go in and I’m like uber excited, getting a new bra, the feeling is something like seeing a real life unicorn. The excitement is really unexplainable.

As I said I walk in super excited, and I talk to an employee named Kellie, she was by the way awesome. I had been just guessing my size and buying 34DD I had also tried 36DD, both were still a little off, I was spilling over in the 34DD and the 36DD was too loose. After about 5 minutes of looking I decide, I’m gonna just get fitted.

So I end up speaking with a fit specialist named Kristen, also awesome by the way, and I explain to her the same thing I explained above… Now this chick knew her stuff, she says to me, “You need a 34DDD” Now she said this without ever measuring me or anything. She said I gave great context clues lol.

Anywhoo, she grabs 3 bras, all 34DDD and told me to go try them on. I do, and yall I am in the fitting room jumping up and down, bending over and every other thing I can think of to get these jokers to pop out of this bra, and I couldn’t. It fit perfect, no spilling over or falling out…

Still excited with Kristen now being my new hero, I step out and start looking at the 2 for $42 bras…. This is where my trip turns into rage…

For those of you who have followed me since my blog started, you know I am a couponer, so bras at $21 each is still a bit much for me, however for a good bra I was willing to spend that.

Problem is, those don’t come in a DDD, the lowest cost bra I could find was $42. Poor Kellie was helping me again, and I’m sure she could see how upset I was because the excited grin she had on her face turned into a nervous grin, but even in my irrationally upset state she stayed awesome. Kudos to Victoria’s Secret for whatever awesome training you give these girls.

I have to be honest, I feel like I was being punked. I’m sure some of you reading this may think that this is minor, but to me there is nothing minor about it. Do you know what $21 can buy a couponer? That’s dinner for an entire month!

I was too enraged to continue so I left with only panties. I went home and searched online in the comfort of my own home where people are used to me cursing out loud… I did find a few things, I’m still not happy about the price, but I need them so , ugh….

Even though I was upset, the experience was amazing. The girls were amazing and I still bought my bras, and now I cant wait to get them.

Moral is, me being upset was not going to change the massiveness of my girls, so after a lot of curse words I came to terms with these vulumtious DDDs, embraced them and got what I needed from my favorite lingerie store!

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Yona Williams

Thursday 23rd of July 2015

I feel your pain...I am a 30H, which means I find ZERO bras in Victoria's Secret and don't have a lot of pretty, lacey, cute bras to choose from in the first place. When I finally got fitted, it was an eye-opening experience. I had been squeezing into a 34 EEE that I was lucky to find at Marshall's and making due with 36DDs. There is one specialty store in my neck of the woods that sells larger-cup bras, and they cost $56 to $72 for the brand that fits me the best. It feels like I'm paying my electric bill when I buy a bra. So unfair. *sigh*


Wednesday 29th of April 2015

I have planned to go get fitted this weekend. Got a wedding to attend and I need my girls to sit up nicely in my new dress. It's been years for me as well since I've been fitted. Kinda nervous to find out my size. Mind you I'm coming from wearing a 36B for the majority of my adult life to delivering my daughter and jumping into a 40D. And my girls are starting to ooze out of that. Please keep the nice ladies of VS in mind as they will be dealing with me this weekend. Also, thanks for the coupon code I'm sure going to need it!


Wednesday 29th of April 2015

Your welcome


Wednesday 29th of April 2015

I can totally relate to this experience, my girls are almost as big as yours and the struggle I go through to find affordable bras that are still cute is something I have gone through for over 10 years. I do miss the days when I was a C cup but some days I am able to sit back and rekindle my love for my big girls after I put on an awesome new shirt or just seem above average compared to others (lol just saying). But one thing I do find annoying yet pleasant when I do finally find the perfect bra in Victorias secret is the employees who do try their best to help. I wish they made the cute bras in bigger sizes UGHHH!!! lol come on VS!!! big boob girls need bras to! lol


Wednesday 29th of April 2015

I was upset but I'm good with them now lol.