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My Response: Are Black Women More Submissive To White Men

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I keep seeing posts,articles and (the above) video on my Facebook timeline about black women being more submissive to white men. This is absolutely ridiculous and this next statement may end up being the most unpopular thing I have said all year, and I’m pretty cool. I’m sure the creator of this video has left a trail of failed relationships full of arguments and regret. I feel like he is attracted to

Speaking as a black woman, a single woman, and as a strong, independent woman, me, and at this point I am only speaking for me, ladies please chime in, in the comments. I’m not going to give my opinion, I’m going to give what I know as my a fact woman is submissive to her man, when he treats her well.

Black men, not all but a lot tend to degrade and belittle black women, sometimes the very women who birthed them and raised them. Now for me, if you are aggressive to me, I’m going to be equally aggressive, if not more. You get what you give in a relationship.

Men this is not to say that you have to submit to your woman. What you do have to do is romance her, love her, give her a reason to be light and to talk soft to you.

Being a submissive woman has nothing at all to do with the color of your skin, you can be purple for all I care and I will treat you like a king.


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