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Guide to Great Holiday Gifts

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Guide to Great Holiday Gifts

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Gifts for the holiday season can be traditional, with a food hamper or shopping vouchers appreciated by many. Yet with just a little thought you can find great holiday gifts that will be appreciated by everyone without having to revert to a scented candle unless you know this is something that your friend would love. Not all gifts have to be unique, you may find that one of the top gifts for the holiday season would suit a particular person or family on your list.
Here we guide you to find the best holiday gifts for all you want to buy for.

Bestselling toys

Start your gift buying by having a look at this season’s best-selling toys to see if any would suit someone on your gift list. The gift of Pictionary Air is an update on the classic family drawing game, a perfect gift for families hosting multi-generational celebrations over the holidays. For an action toy, a nerf gun inspired by the blaster from the popular video game
Fortnite is for the young and young at heart for hours of fun for those wanting to let off steam.

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Precious jewelry

Jewelry is a precious and personal gift that will be treasured for years to come. Choose a pair of earrings in bold colors for on-trend fashion, or gold chains, cameo rings and pearls that can be small and subtle or worn en masse, for an overstated look.

When buying a jewelry gift for your nearest and dearest, consider a jewelry set of a pendant and earrings, or buy the earrings now and the pendant for Valentine’s Day. For those who do not wear jewelry, consider a 24k gold rose . A stunning piece of home décor like this adds warmth to a home and acts as a daily reminder of your love for them.

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Fashion statements

Most of us have people on our gift list that follow all the fashion trends throughout the year.
They may have a favorite designer or style but may not have the budget to justify buying a
particular item. If you have heard them talk about a pair of Louboutin boots or a Chanel purse, search out what they are looking for and make this their gift. Upgrade a gym bag with
one that doubles as a weekender bag. Argyle knitwear is back in fashion, or for the more
adventurous, gift a clashing tartan skirt

Experience gifts

With a growing emphasis on climate change and the need to care for the planet, many people are moving from physical gifts to experience gifts that create memories. Tickets for the family to see a ballet or pantomime in the holidays could start a tradition in a new family that you may already have in yours.

For individuals, consider what they would love to try, whether swimming with dolphins, taking an art class or seeing their favorite band live on stage. Make this happen, offering to look after their children or pets whilst they enjoy the new experience.

Look ahead

Think about what those on your list have planned for the coming year. If you have someone off traveling to South East Asia, gift a new rucksack, walking boots or a guidebook to you are your support for their adventures. For those taking a sabbatical or making a career change,
put together all the things you know they will need in stressful times as part of a survival kit.
For those getting married, gift cards for a restaurant make a precious gift if you do not want to
buy off their registry.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.