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How To Make Cricut Acetate Roses Plus Free SVG File

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If you’re looking for a fun way to change up your DIY paper flower game, this quick tutorial for How To Make Cricut Acetate Roses Plus Free SVG File is going to take your flower-making to a whole new level.

Loving this idea but haven’t made paper flowers before? Be sure to check out my video below, that will get you started with my easiest tutorial, then you can start adding in acetate flowers for fun!

What are Acetate Flowers?

Acetate is a material that’s like a super thin plastic used in crafting. Some of it has a rough side, but not always. If it does have a rough side you can print on it, and the plastic is thin enough that you can easily cut it with scissors, or, as in this tutorial, a cutting machine like the Cricut.

Add-on the word “flower” and there you have it. 

Cricut Acetate flowers are flowers made from the acetate material, whether it’s printed or not.

The best part about acetate is that it’s a high quality material, but it’s translucent. So, you can use it to make a see-through card, or a mini shadow box or basically anything that would be fun to see through.

Like flowers to decorate a decal or card, for instance, hint hint.

close up of semi-translucent acetate rose on a cream colored paper

Make this easy acetate rose with this free SVG for Cricut!

What Do You Need to Make Cricut Acetate Flowers?

You can use heat on your Cricut acetate roses, to give it a more unique look, but we’ll talk about that in a moment.

Close-up of an acetate rose on a wall hanging

How Do You Make an Cricut Acetate Flower?

Most acetate is a little slick on one side and that can make tracing a pattern onto it a little bit challenging, But, if you wanted to make an acetate flower by hand, that’s exactly what you would do.

You’d trace the pattern onto the acetate, then cut out each petal individually. The acetate I used for this project is slick on both sides.

It’s times like this that I really love having a Cricut. Because can you imagine having to cut all that by hand? I’m pretty sure a finger cramp would be in order.

Once your petals are cut, you just glue them together in a nice, tight circle, making sure to overlap and carefully keep the petals in the places you plan for them to be in your final flower. You can check out the video on this page for just how to do them.

Then you’re ready to mount it on whatever you’re making the flower for.

That simple!

how to make an acetate rose on a cardstock background

What Do You Put Acetate Roses On?

Such a silly question I had there! What in the world would I put acetate roses on? Everything!

No, really, I’ve got a whole list of plans for these beautiful little roses:

You name it, I have plans to put a pretty rose on it!

side view of easy acetate rose tutorial with free SVG for cricut or silhouette

What If I Want to Shape My Acetate Roses?

That is one of the coolest things about acetate. Because it’s a semi-fragile thin plastic, it’s really easy to give each petal it’s own character and shape.

I didn’t do it in this tutorial because I wanted to give you a more traditional flower look, for folks who might not have made paper flowers in the past. 

But, you can take a heat gun or even a hairdryer and gently blow warm air on the petals. They’ll start to crackle and shrivel a little, creating a really neat wrinkled shape. You can then use tweezers to kind of form them into the shape you want, giving it even more charm.

front view of acetate rose tutorial

Ok. So, I may have glossed over a little on this how to make an acetate rose, but you get the drift, right? I mean, cut out the file, bend the flowers a little if you want, then glue them together.

It’s that simple.

But, if you want the step by step directions, keep reading.



How To Make Cricut Acetate Roses
Yield: 1

How To Make Cricut Acetate Roses

Prep Time: 15 minutes
Active Time: 35 minutes
Total Time: 50 minutes
Difficulty: Easy
Estimated Cost: $1

If you're looking for a fun way to change up your DIY paper flower game, this quick tutorial for How To Make Cricut Acetate Roses Plus Free SVG File is going to take your flower-making to a whole new level.




  1. Resize the group of flowers to fit your paper size
  2. You will cut the center base (circle) in cardstock
  3. Cut all pieces with the Cricut
  4. Put a small glue dot on one slide of the slit and barely fold the other side over (see video)
  5. Once you have done this to all petals it’s time to assemble your flower
  6. Starting with the largest, put a line of hot glue on the back side of the petal and glue to your circle base
  7. Continue around, moving towards the middle of the base with each layer
  8. Once you have applied all petals place in your center
  9. To hang I used mounting tape or command strips

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