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20 New Years Eve Appetizer Recipes

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Here you have a wonderful list of the perfect New Years Eve Appetizer Recipes to serve up to count down until the clock hits midnight!

These appetizers are easy, tasty, and will be a wonderful treat for your guests to ring in the new year! I love a good appetizer, and I have gathered some of the top new years eve appetizers that will be a perfect treat.

20 New Years Eve Appetizer Recipes

20 New Years Eve Appetizer Recipes #newyearseve #newyear #appitizer

Top New Years Eve Appetizer Recipes To Try

Shrimp and Nacho Dip is a really tasty hot dip that is perfect to serve up if you enjoy that seafood flavor! Warm, cheesy, and the perfect appetizer for the new year. Low carb and keto friendly!

Mini Rueben bites give you that Rueben flavor of meat, kraut, and dressing all in one compact bite! These are always such a huge hit.

Spinach Artichoke Fries is a messy but delicious appetizer that will win over your crowd for sure. A nice and cheesy fry that is smothered with cheese, spinach, and artichokes. 20 New Years Eve Appetizer Recipes #newyearseve #newyear #appitizer

Cranberry Meatballs are always a huge success at parties. They are bite size and a nice protein appetizer with a hint of sweet from the cranberry.

Whip up these cheesy pizza quesadilla bites to serve your guests. Pair with your favorite dipping sauces like marinara, ranch, or anything else you desire.

Bacon cheeseball bites is another bite-size appetizer for anyone who enjoys bacon and cheese. Homemade cheeseballs are my absolute favorite! 20 New Years Eve Appetizer Recipes #newyearseve #newyear #appitizer

 New Years Eve Appetizer Recipes

Buffalo chicken sliders are a little bit bigger appetizer but the perfect size to kick up the heat a little and curb those cravings. A soft bun with chicken, buffalo flavoring and more.

Looking for a lighter appetizer? Check out these 4-ingredient Caprese salad skewers! Fresh mozzarella, tomatoes, with a balsamic glaze.

Baked spiral rolls is a really easy appetizer to assemble and bake up in a hurry for a hot and savory appetizer. These are a swirled bite-size sandwich everyone can enjoy.

20 New Years Eve Appetizer Recipes #newyearseve #newyear #appitizerServe up this cranberry brie baked cheese appetizer for the flavors of the season that your friends and family will absolutely love! This is such a simple recipe that requires just a little bit of time.

Another good one is pizza puffs if you are a fan of the pizza flavors. These are another easy new years eve appetizer that you can really tweak to your flavor preferences.

Air Fryer ravioli is a great Italian style appetizer that you can serve with a homemade or store-bought marinara sauce. A nice crunch and creamy-centered pasta.

20 New Years Eve Appetizer Recipes #newyearseve #newyear #appitizerOne of my favorites is the bacon wrapped water chestnuts. You have the crunch from the chestnuts, salty bacon paired with a sweet glaze that is created when it bakes.

Pecan cheese ball bites are a 5-minute appetizer to make that you can really serve up in a hurry and they are so affordable to make.

Blue cheese and bacon stuffed red potatoes is a unique and different appetizer. These have the tang from the blue cheese, salty aspect from the bacon, and of course tenderly cooked potatoes.

Appetizer Recipes

20 New Years Eve Appetizer Recipes #newyearseve #newyear #appitizerAnother tasty seafood recipe is this baked coconut shrimp! Serve with a cocktail sauce and watch all the crumbs get picked up in a hurry! These are exceptional.

One more seafood is this Mexican shrimp guacamole bites that will give you a spiced up shrimp with a dollop of guacamole on a corn tortilla chip.

Whip up a tried and true buffalo chicken dip that is perfect to serve crisp veggies, pita pockets, crispy chips, or even crackers with it.

20 New Years Eve Appetizer Recipes #newyearseve #newyear #appitizerTry your hand at these avocado bacon egg rolls! Egg rolls are always a great party food and when you have the avocado next to the bacon it makes these crispy rolls irresistible.

Air Fryer cauliflower wings is a Weight Watcher approved appetizer that is going to give you major flavor but you are able to stick to that new year resolution of smarter food choices.20 New Years Eve Appetizer Recipes #newyearseve #newyear #appitizer

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