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Free Printable Meal Planner

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Meal planning can be a tedious process, especially if you do not have the tools you need to do so. The first step is finding a meal plan template. 

The printable weekly meal planners are exactly what you will need to get started on your meal planning. It has a spot for everything you will need.

Let me break down what you will get with this free printable meal planner. Yup! You read that right. FREE!

pink and white themed printable meal planner with three sections: days of the week, things to buy, and notes

Printable Meal Planner

The meal planner has three main sections for you to fill out. The sections are “Things to Buy”, “Notes”, and the day-to-day section. 

Grocery shopping for your meal planning will be super easy with the “Things to Buy” section. You will be able to see exactly what you need on the shopping list. 

I suggest filling out your day-to-day section first. That way, you can write down what you will need to make each meal and what you still have to buy. 

The day-to-day section includes each day of the week with AM, NN, and PM sections. This way, you can plan out your breakfast, lunch, and dinner for an entire week on one sheet.

This way, you will also be able to meal prep if you would like. Just ass what you need on your grocery list and plan away.

two copies of pink and white themed printable meal planner with three sections: days of the week, things to buy, and notes

These meal planner sheets will be a great addition to your recipe binder if you have one. If you are on the hunt for where to keep your recipes, look no further. 

Check out this Recipe Binder that you can download and print for free on my site. This is the perfect place to store your recipes and meal planning printables.

One of the things I like most about this template is that it allows you to plan far enough out, but not set your whole month into stone. You can go week by week and take things slow. 

Templates like these can also help when it comes to setting up budgets. Once you fill out your day-to-day and “Things to Buy” sections, you can add some prices down in the “Notes” section. 

pink and white themed printable meal planner with three sections: days of the week, things to buy, and notes

Take a guess or look online to see how much you will need and you can use that figure to do some monthly budgeting. If you are in need of a nice budget template, you are in luck. 

You can use this Budget if you are looking for one. I think it will really help you get done what you need to get done. 

Get The Printable Meal Planner

There are so many benefits of downloading and using this free printable meal planner. Many other free printable meal planner templates online are not like this one. 

If they are free they are usually some boring black and white template that does not capture your interest. This weekly meal planner template is not like that. 

The bright pink on the template is eye-catching and will keep you from getting bored. It also matches the colors on the Recipe Binder

So if you choose to get both, you do not have to worry about colliding colors or anything like that. I cannot think of a more perfect fit for your menu planner. 

pink and white themed printable meal planner with three sections: days of the week, things to buy, and notes

Another benefit of the free printable weekly meal plan is that you can use it as many times as you need to. You can print out a new one each week!

You could also print it out once, laminate it or put it in a plastic sheet, and then use a dry erase marker to fill it out and reuse it. 

When you haven’t decided what to cook and it is getting late, fast food seems to be the next best option. Plan and cook some healthy meals instead.

You have a lot of options and possibilities when it comes to this meal planner. And people love options. 

Be sure to check out some recipes you can use for your meal planning. You will love these Air Fryer Recipes to start out with!

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