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Back To School Gift Guide

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Our back to school gift guide will have you covered from Pre-K all the way up to college years. From organizational items, food to fuel your body, supplies and more. This back to school guide will help get you ready to tackle your back to school like a boss! 

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While you might get a list of school supplies you need for the school year, there are many other items that will come in handy. Whether it be electronics to help get you through the school year, or fun items to make your kids excited for the new school year. Either way, I have a fantastic list of items below for you to check out! 

Tips For Back To School On Making The First Day Easier

With back to school comes some anxiety. It can be hard for children of all ages. School is forever changing and that can leave a lot of unknown factors for your child. Here are some tips for back to school and how to make the first day easier on them. 

Talk With Them 

Sit down and talk with your child on ways to make the first day of school jitters feel lessened. Share stories of how you were scared but it all turned out great. Ask them how they feel about starting school, and really give them your attention. 

Tour The School

A lot of schools allow you to tour the school before the school year begins. Take the time to take your child in so they can meet the teacher, see their classroom. 


Look to see if any of the children are kids your child already knows. This is a great way to help ease stress to tell them that their friend will be in the same class as them. 

Do Something Special 

Whether it is buying school supplies together, clothes shopping, etc. Do something special for your child to let them try and get excited for the new school year. I know I always loved picking out a new book bag with each school year. 

First Day of School Party 

Have a first day of school party. Or even the end of summer party. Make fun snacks, have games, and even have little back to school presents waiting for your child to open. They can be fun school supplies that make them excited. 


Back to schoool gift guide

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.