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Keto Bacon Stuffed Mushrooms

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Your mouth will water after you make these delicious cheddar bacon stuffed mushrooms. Not only do they taste delicious, but they are also simple to make and you will not regret it one bit!

top side view of cheddar bacon stuffed mushrooms

The low carb friendly mushroom caps are a delicious appetizer or you can easily make it a meal if you are minding your macros. Swap out the cheddar cheese for different cheeses to mix things up a bit.

I like to add a little garlic powder and use other cheeses like mozzarella chees and sometimes even Colby jack or fresh parmesan cheese.

angled view of cheddar stuffed mushrooms

These are the best stuffed mushrooms you will try. This one is always a crowd pleaser!

It’s really hard to go wrong with this easy and delicious mushroom recipe. The combination of flavors is amazing.

Even if cooking may not be your forte, you will be excited to add this to the regularly occurring meal on your menu. You will be left feeling like you are Gordan Ramsey once you try it!

Bacon Stuffed Mushrooms

close up view of cheddar stuffed mushrooms half of the plate

Bacon and cheddar has always been a classic combo, now let’s throw some mushrooms in the mix. 

I, myself, have been looking for some recipes to try out because I was feeling a little adventurous. I may also be getting tired of eating the same thing every week, but that does not sound as cool. 

When I happened upon this delicious recipe, I realized that I had found just what I was looking for. I’m sure you will enjoy this delicious meal as much as I have as well as the process to make it. 

Cooking these cheddar bacon stuffed mushrooms may be exactly what your household needs right now. The bursts of flavor you get with every bit will leave your family questioning when you will make it again. 

If your family tends to have a lot of leftovers, this will definitely come in handy. You can throw it in the microwave. Or maybe even add some extra cheese on top, and then you can enjoy it all over again. 

top side view of cheddar bacon stuffed mushrooms

When To Make Cheddar Bacon Stuffed Mushrooms

The next time you have a family gathering, you will want to whip up these cheddar bacon stuffed mushrooms. Your family will mistake you for a master chef once they take a bite into these!

close up side view of cheddar stuffed mushrooms

If you or someone you know is a college student, you will most definitely want to share this recipe with them. These are the kind of meals that are simple and delicious, which is exactly what every college student is looking for. 

These bacon stuffed mushrooms are the kind of meal that your family can enjoy making together. There is no better way to bond with the kiddos than working together in the kitchen to whip up something great!

Let the little ones sprinkle some cheese or help you lay the green onions if they want a job! Kids love to help out more than they may let on. 

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close up side view of cheddar stuffed mushrooms
Yield: 6 Servings

How To Make Keto Bacon Stuffed Mushrooms

Prep Time: 5 minutes
Cook Time: 8 minutes
Total Time: 8 minutes

These Cheddar Bacon Stuffed Mushrooms are not only low carb, they are also a delicious appetizer. Make them as an easy keto meal or an appetizer for your next gathering. Either way you can't go wrong!


  • 12 mushrooms
  • ⅔ cups cheddar
  • 4 oz Сream cheese
  • ⅓ cups Bacon
  • teaspoon salt (optional)
  • 2 green onion


  1. Gather everything you need.
  2. Preheat oven to 390 F.
  3. In a large skillet cook the bacon over medium heat. Drain and then chop the bacon into small pieces. ingredients for bacon stuffed mushroms
  4. Clean mushrooms with a damp paper towel, and separate the stems from the caps. Set aside. mushroom caps on a cutting board
  5. In a large bowl add chopped bacon, cheddar, and cream mix well. bowl with chopped bacon, cheddar cheese, cream cheese
  6. Put about 1.5 tsp of the cream cheese bacon mixture into the caps of mushrooms. stuffed mushroom caps on a cutting board
  7. Place the stuffed mushrooms on a large baking sheet. stuffed mushroom caps on a baking sheet
  8. Cover the baking tray with a non-stick mat, put the stuffed mushrooms. Bake in the for 8 minutes.
  9. Garnish with green onions.

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Nutrition Information


12 Mushroom Caps

Serving Size


Amount Per Serving Calories 53Total Fat 4gSaturated Fat 2gTrans Fat 0gUnsaturated Fat 2gCholesterol 12mgSodium 276mgCarbohydrates 1gNet Carbohydrates 1gFiber 0gSugar 0gProtein 3g

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