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Four Must-Have Gadgets For The Adventurous Family

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Adventure is always in the back of our minds.

We always dream what we’d do if we won the lottery, where we’d go and how far the money would take us. There are some outrageous vacations to take if you’ve got the money.

The truth is that adventure doesn’t have a price limit. It does come with a cost, but you don’t need to be a member of the elite to do what you want. Each country across the world has stories to tell and adventures for you and your family to take part in.

To get on a level playing field with others who can spend more, you might need to enquire about a few gadgets to stow away in your pack that can not only heighten the enjoyment you receive from your travels, but ensure you are safe!

A Sturdy Phone:

Four Must-Have Gadgets For The Adventurous Family(Image Source)

The flagship phones of the Apple and Android lines are getting more resilient to water and fall damage as the years go by. Whilst a iPhone 3GS would die upon contact with the water, the iPhone 7 can survive a plunge into a puddle, no issues. There is another option, though. The Dewalt MD501 is built for construction and can withstand anything thrown at it and even operate in extreme temperatures. Your phone shouldn’t be a problem during your travels, and this will make sure you don’t have to worry!

A Solar Generator:

Four Must-Have Gadgets For The Adventurous Family(Image Source)

Taking gadgets abroad is all well and good, but most forests and campgrounds don’t come equipped with power points to charge your goodies. Enter the solar generator. There are more portable versions and larger ones built for camping or RV road trips. Using something like a Goal Zero Yeti 1250 has a ton of benefits, mainly being eco-friendly, quiet and having the ability to juice up your gadgets.

A LifeStraw:

Four Must-Have Gadgets For The Adventurous Family(Image Source)

If you’re heading off the grid, water can become a problem. There are many ways to purify water, and many include some sort of tablet that can and will be ground to dust in the bottom of your pack. A LifeStraw is an incredibly unique way to hydrate as you can plonk the straw into a puddle and the filter inside will turn into quality, drinkable water as you suck it up. This is a must have gadget for the distance travellers and even those staying in hotels where the tap water cannot be consumed.

A Tent:

Four Must-Have Gadgets For The Adventurous Family(Image Source)

Of course, for the roamers a tent is necessary, but most people likely won’t consider that each country in the world has thousands of potential camping destinations. A Tent isn’t the most high-tech gadget in the world, but it can ensure that you have a roof and walls waiting for you wherever you are on the surface of the globe. Of course, many people would choose to opt for the luxury that hotels can give, but you might miss out on the adventure and old-school sensibilities that camping in a tent can offer. It’s always handy in an emergency as well!

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