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I Cheated, But We Decided To Stay Together

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I feel really bad because I cheated, but in my defense it was was some sort of sorcery that put me in my car and started it up and drove me to one of the most glorious places in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

I work in a bar, and recently there was a discussion on whether White Castle or Powers Burgers were better. I mean my argument was that White Castle had nothing on Powers. A customer said just the opposite, well I turned to Facebook, because how else do you end an argument besides Google or Facebook… I think powers won.

So since that day I had been fighting the urge to just drive across town and get me a few of those tiny lil pieces of heaven.

I Cheated, But We Decided To Stay Together

Photo Credit: Hamburger America

Well the other day, I find myself in my car and I’m driving, the next thing I know is I am sitting at the counter at Powers, smelling the aroma of a happy place, with a Pepsi and a freaking bag of chips in front of me. The whole time I’m sitting there I know I am very wrong for what I am doing, but it has been decided, I am cheating and there is no way I can stop myself.

The lady gives me the cute brown bag with my 6 burgers in it…. Yes, I ordered 6, DO NOT JUDGE ME!! And I snatch the bag up and scurry to my car, like I just bought dope, well pretty much I did. I couldn’t even pull off good before tearing into that first burger. That first bite was like, yaaaassssss!

Lord Jesus, it tasted like what I imagine love would taste like if it had a flavor, sprinkled in glitter.

With each bite, I felt more and more guilty, but not guilty enough to stop. I cheated over and over with those tasty little things. I cheated with full knowledge of what I was doing.

The next day I felt horrible not only mentally but physically. The grease and all the carbs from the, at the time wonderful meal, was now tearing my insides apart. I felt sluggish and exhausted, not to mention bloated and backed up.

I cheated and I’m sooooo apologetic, but it hurt me more than anything. I can’t say I’ll never cheat again, but I’m going to do my best.

Sometimes my love affair with food is way too strong to fight the temptations.

Even though I didn’t gain back all of what I lost, I am going to have to start over. 3 days at least to get my body back into ketosis. 3 days of fighting the urge to eat bread and other carbs, 3 days of hell until I feel good again.

Moral: If you are thinking about cheating, fight it, because I cheated and in the end, it wasn’t worth it… If you want to read more about me and my low carb life, check it out here.

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