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What To Cook At Your All American Party

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If there’s one thing we Americans are known for, it’s our great food. Sure, Spain has paella and tapas and Italy has its delicious pizzas – but no one really knows how to cook smoked meat like the Americans. American cuisine is now a popular staple all over the world. This can be from people cooking it at home themselves, or from all the specialist restaurants popping up featuring chefs who specialize in American food. Now of course, contrary to what a lot of people believe, people in America don’t eat smoked meat and triple cooked fries every single day. But as with any country with a staple cuisine, it only makes sense to cook this type of food on big national occasions – Independence Day or the Superbowl, for example. If you are American yourself and you have been feeling a little out of touch with your cultural roots, making an all-American feast is one of the best ways to get back in touch with the food that built your country. Here are some ways you can throw an all American-themed bash with some amazing food to boot.

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A little tipple

If you are having an adults only party, it would be rude not to include one of the drinks that America is most famous for – bourbon whiskey. This type of whiskey has been distilled for centuries and differs from its Transatlantic cousin Scotch in the sense that bourbon is made from corn. Scotch, on the other hand, is produced with malted barley. Bourbon is now pronounced on a huge scale, whether that is from small independent distilleries or from major retailers like Jack Daniels. Before your guests arrive, prepare a huge jug of cocktail that includes this famous spirit. You would be surprised at just how many great cocktails can be made with some smokey bourbon. Or, if you have children attending your party too, simply make a bourbon-infused dessert. That way, everyone can enjoy the flavor in a slightly different way.

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Smoked meat

There are plenty of different ways to cook meat – but if you want that tender, juicy flavor, there’s no better method than to smoke it. You may need specialist equipment to do this with, so you can find out more here on electric smokers. Be aware that the smoking process often leaves white meat looking a little pink inside. This does not necessarily mean that the meat is under-cooked – it is just a side effect of the smoking process – so inform your guests beforehand to avoid any distress.

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Dessert pie

Pie is the classic American dessert, and it is something that allows you to experiment with lots of different flavors. If you are a fan of any flavor that is sharp yet sweet at the same time, go for a classic key lime pie. Or, if you fancy trying your hand at pastry decor (it’s harder than it looks) go for a pecan lattice pie. The good thing about serving pie is that everyone can dig in as they please – why not make a couple so everyone has a choice of flavors to choose from?

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