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400 Different Sizes Of Jeans to fit All Women

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400 different sizes of Jeans to fit all women

Crystal Beasley make perfect-fitting jeans for you.


Wouldn’t this be awesome. Women all have different shapes and sizes, the thought of the perfect fitting jean feels would be a blessing. I can’t wait to try these!


The way we buy clothes is broken.

Women’s bodies come in 8 different shapes, yet it seems clothes are only made for one kind of body. Why is it this way? My name is Crystal Beasley, and I’m out to make perfect-fitting jeans for myself and for you.

Only 8% of women have the so-called “hourglass” figure.
(P.S. I’m not one of them.)

I want to let you in on a little secret. In talking to dozens of women about this concept, they all lament the same thing. Everyone says “I’m hard to fit.” There’s one thing or another about everyone’s bodies that make off-the-rack clothes not work. There’s nothing wrong with you, there’s something really wrong with retail as we know it.

It’s time for the tears in dressing rooms to STOP. And what’s with the horrible lighting… Have you ever looked worse than in that fluorescent glare?

You’re not a number, you’re beautiful. I’m killing the entire concept of a size. With five measures you already know, I tailor-make a perfect pair just for your curves, no measuring tape needed. I start with your closest pant size and refine from there. Your height and shoe size tell us about your skeleton. I can calculate a better inseam length so you won’t need to take these to be hemmed. From your weight and bra size I learn about your curves. This lets us more accurately calculate the waist to hip ratio, a key reason why most pants don’t fit.

free returns, free shipping both ways «

Take your time trying on your jeans in the privacy of your home. Walk around and see how they fit. Sit down on the couch, drink a cup of tea and make sure they feel just right. And if not, tell us what’s too big or small and I promise to get it right on the next pair, no extra charge.

I need your help to make this real. I’m sourcing premium stretch denim and searching for the right factory here in the US of A to do the stitching. The estimated price will be less than $200. If this idea makes you squeal with joy, sign up to get our newsletter. Even better, fill out our survey. I need data from lots of women with lots of different bodies to prove our fit technology really works.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.