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Discounted Amazon Prime Benefits for Low Income Families

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I have been an Amazon Prime member for some time now. Prime has always been a great deal for me due to how often I order from them, it pretty well pays for itself. I order from Amazon a few times a month, and I always look for that prime shipping logo to get the most out of my membership. Prime offers a ton of other benefits included in the membership besides just the free 2 day shipping.

Amazon Prime Benefits for Low-Income Families

Discounted Prime Benefits for Low Income Families


As I mentioned above, Amazon Prime offers free 2-day shipping, what I didn’t mention is that it is unlimited and there are over 50 million items to choose from.

Discounted Amazon Prime Benefits for Low Income FamiliesOther Amazon Prime Membership benefits

  • Video: Prime Video Unlimited access to tens of thousands of movies and TV shows
  • Music: More than two million songs and thousands of playlists and stations
  • Photos: Unlimited photo storage to preserve family memories
  • Reading: A rotating selection of free e-books and magazines
  • Audible Channels for Prime: Premium original podcasts, audio series and audiobooks exclusively from Audible
  • Kindle First: A free pre-release kindle books each month (you can get the free Kindle app here) or use your kindle fire tablet
  • Twitch Prime: In-game loot on Twitch and 20 percent off pre-release digital games
  • Prime Early Access: Exclusive early access to select Lightning Deals
  • Savings: Discounts on select products including 20 percent off diaper subscriptions
  • Prime FREE Same-Day Delivery: One million products, order by noon and get them today in eligible zip codes
  • Prime Now: Free two-hour delivery on tens of thousands of items in eligible zip codes

Recently Amazon rolled out some great news… You can now get Discounted Amazon Prime Benefits for just $5.99 a month if you receive government benefits. I think this is an awesome addition to the prime family.

I am all for anything that helps lower income families.  Finding out if you qualify, is super easy! To get started, just go here and enter your EBT number and upload an image of your card.

Amazon Prime is not only a time saver, it is also a money saver, you can always find a deal on Amazon, and Prime just makes the deals so much sweeter with the 2 day shipping, if you can’t tell 2-day shipping is probably my favorite thing about the membership.

However, I do love the ad-free music and the extensive video library. I guarantee you will love it too. Go here to get more information, to become part of the amazon family and to start a free 30 day trial. And make sure to share with friends and family who may benefit from this great program.

Discounted Amazon Prime Benefits for Low Income Families

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