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First Response Is Changing The Face Of Pregnancy Technology.

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Back in the day, it could take you up to two hours to get results from a home pregnancy test. Who wants to wait that long. There were also things like urinating on animals and barley and such, which in my opinion was just a little weird. I wonder who was the first person to try these things. Thank God we live in an era where technology is constantly changing for the better. First Response Early Result Pregnancy Test only takes 3 minutes to get a positive result.

With my first child I could never get a positive  result from an at home test. It always showed negative, but I knew that there was something going on. I had to get a blood test done. Things have changed quite a bit in 16 years.

With First Response you can get your results up to 6 days sooner then you expect a missed period, they offer a wider tip, longer handle, and comfort sure design to make the test both easier to use and more comfortable in your hand. The wide test area and the curved handle has blown the idea of at home testing out of the water, the curve in the handle along with the wider tip will make it easier to make sure the sample stays just on the test area.

The price range of the First Response Early Result Pregnancy Test is also great it ranges from $8.99 to $15.99.

First Response Early Result Pregnancy Test also has an awesome tracker tool that is available for Apple and for Android, and a blog to help you keep up to date with the newest technologies and advancements with First Response.

First Response Early Result Pregnancy Test is over 99% accurate, I have to say I like those odds. First Response has everything you need to start they even make Pregnancy planning kits.


o   More Key Features and Benefits:

  • FDA approved
  • Designed to detect all relevant forms of urinary hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) throughout pregnancy
  • Detects pregnancy as early as 6 (six) days before the day of your missed period
  • Easy-to-read results in 3 minutes with over 99% accuracy from the day of the expected period
  • Two pink lines is a pregnant result
  • Test can be used at anytime of day

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Peachy Adarne

Tuesday 14th of July 2015

I love the wonders of new technology! Now you can find out immediately if you're pregnant or not.

Joanne T Ferguson

Friday 10th of July 2015

Pregnancy tests have come such a long way! I love that it is FDA approved and the readings are 99% accurate! What better way to find out for sure if one is pregnant and to share the great news with hubby, friends and family! Should it be a non-positive response, than there will always be another time to celebrate!

Carin Kilby Clark

Thursday 9th of July 2015

Pregnancy tests surely have come a long way since I had my three. It's important to find out as early as possible though - so you can take care of yourself properly.

Rosey Marie

Wednesday 8th of July 2015

I'm so impatient. I bought sticks too close together hoping the no would be a yes, lol

Stephanie Weaver

Wednesday 8th of July 2015

It is amazing how much things have changed! Pretty soon they'll have something so you'll be able to tell the sex of the baby without a doctors visit...won't that be something too!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.