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How to Lose 5 Pounds This Month

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A month is a good amount of time to lose 5 pounds. Learn how to lose 5 pounds this month, safely. 5 little pounds can boost your confidence and even help with your overall health. Read the tips below to learn how to lose 5 pounds this month. Losing weight the proper way that is safe on your body and healthy is the key.


How to Lose 5 Pounds


When you have a goal in mind and those last five pounds won’t budge, it is frustrating! Or maybe you are just starting your weight loss journey and your first goal is five pounds. Let me help give you directions of areas that you can focus on to really help knock out those five pounds you have been carrying around.

Tips And Tricks On How To Lose 5 Pounds This Month


Giving your metabolism a little jump start can be a wonderful way to see more results off the work you are putting in. Whether you are giving up sugar, eating low carb, or drinking water and no other sodas or pop.

  • High Fiber Greens | Work at implementing more higher fiber greens into your diet. They can help you boost your metabolism and burn even more.
  • Protein | Make sure you have a nice high protein diet. Reach for leaner meats like fish, turkey, etc. Salmon and Halibut both have omega-3 fatty acids, which is great for burning fat enzymes.


Did you know if you don’t get around 7 hours of sleep a night that could be a result of your weight? Many who sleep less than 7 hours can struggle with losing weight, be heavier, and more. Get adequate shut-eye every night and see an improvement in your overall health.

Over Working Your Body

If you are working out in an overload amount, slow down. Sometimes spending too much time at the gym isn’t good for our bodies either. Like with everything, moderation is always key.

Whole Grains

Whole grains are great to replace items like white bread, pasta, and such in your diet. Whole grains have a lot more fiber and will help in keeping you fuller longer. Reach for brown rice, quinoa, oats, whole wheat bread, etc.

 Sugar and Artificial Sugar

Moderation is always key to anything but particularly when it comes to sugar. Artificial sugars out there are not good for your body when it comes to losing weight. Artificial sugars have been known to be connected to weight gain. You might think that diet soda is okay, but that could be the five pounds you want to drop right there. Try to limit any sugar or artificial sugars in your diet. A little natural sugar is okay in moderation.


Even if you just walk around your neighborhood, getting up and being active is a must. It is a great way to stay in shape but also work at losing weight. You don’t need a gym membership, find free online videos to follow, use home equipment or just walk outside. It sounds simple but it really will help you to lose weight and even inches off your waist, thighs and more.


Staying hydrated is a must. Make sure energy drinks, sodas, and even juices are not on your list. Reach for more items like water or unsweetened tea.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.