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#Queenof Making My Own Grind

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I have always been one to find my own grind or hustle when I was in high school, I made and sold necklaces just to have a little of my own cash without getting in trouble trying to make it.

Making My Own Grind

As an adult, I am still the same way, I could probably say I am the Queen of Everything, lol, currently, my job titles are as follows, I am the manager of a bar where I manage the daily operations and 3 other employees. I obviously write this blog, if this is your first time here my blog is a family/lifestyle blog, I write about a little bit of everything from recipes to posts about my daily life. And recently I opened an online market, where I can use my crafting skills designing everything from shirts to jewelry make some extra ends. Not to mention I am the mother of an 18 year old boy, a 16 year old girl and a 7 year old girl.

What if I don’t want to adult? #workworkworkworkwork #bloglife #momblogger #naturalhairdontcare #kindawild #bypink

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My goal at the #Queenof Making My Own Grind, and a single mother, is to never let my kids struggle the way I sometimes did when I was their age, while at the same time showing them how to MAKE a job out of skills you already have.

#Queenof Making My Own Grind

Doing it all alone is never an easy task, but I want to show them that it can be done. I hope that soon, I can work solely from home and be with them more, as it stands, my making my own hustle has me going to bed at sometimes 4a and getting back up at 7a. It can get rough at times but achieving my goals are worth it.

And since we are talking about being Queen of, make sure you are all caught up on Queen of the South season 1 with Teresa Mendoza, because season 2 premieres on June 8th 10/9c on USA Network. In season 2 you will learn about her growth into in the cartel underworld and how she moves into the title of Queenpin.

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