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Massage Envy Because You Deserve It

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Being a parent is hard sometimes. It’s even harder on your body. My normal day consists of getting up at 7a to take 3 kids to 2 different schools, picking my 16 year old up from school at 11a. Then the 5 and 15 year old at 2:45p. You would think that my day ends there, nope. I then have to make sure they have dinner and get my son to work then myself, where I literally run around a bar for 5 to 10 hours depending on how busy it is. I usually get off work between 1a and 3a just to do it all over again.

I agree with Massage Envy in its belief that total body care is an important part of staying healthy, treating yourself and your body well should be more of a priority not a luxury.

Myself along with, I’m sure many of you put your kids and other family first, even when you’re dead tired, there is still something that someone needs or needs to be done.

I swear I cant remember the last time I took time for me, with 3 kids and being a single parent it seems to be a long lost dream of mine.

Massage Envy has started a new campaign, simply called “Because” because life happens, and it happens everyday, and because it does Massage Envy I there to help you with all your kinks, aches and pains.

I have been making New Years Resolutions and they all fall into the same category, and that’s just being a better, healthier me. Taking more time for myself is one of those things on that list, and I believe Massage Envy can help me to achieve that through helping me learn to relax, clear my mind and to simply take some me time. I always say I don’t have time for this or that, then I make time for nonsense. I will be visiting Massage Envy regularly on my quest to be a better, healthier me, and you should visit and take some “you” time.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.