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Mazda CX-9 Car Review

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If you are on the hunt for a perfect crossover that not only works great for hauling kids, traveling safe but also offers that stylish vibe, then the Mazda CX-9 is the vehicle for you. When I laid eyes on this beauty, I think my heart skipped a beat. The CX-9 offers those clean and stylish lines outside, but also the luxury of being able to haul your family around with the spacious inside. The interior is absolutely amazing as well, with tons of features that would leave anyone happy.

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For me having a car that offers safety features that I know will keep me and my kids safe on the road is a must. But, I also want a vehicle that can get up and go if it needs to, and the Mazda can do that. They really upgraded under the hood from the 2017 models, this 2018 has a turbocharged four-cylinder engine, that really helps give you that power but still allows for a nice fuel economy. I was pretty impressed when I hit the gas to accelerate. As for safety features like I talked about earlier, it offers lane-keeping, so if you start to get out of your lane it lets you know, as well as forward collision warning.

Mazda CX-9 Review

The interior of this vehicle is above the rest, it is a stunning leather that makes it feel very luxurious. It is a very clean and simple lined look, that has a great dash with lots of features. You can travel at night and display the speed you are going onto the windshield. I love this feature so that if I am traveling in an area I am unfamiliar with I can just barely look down and see the speed, and keep my eyes on the road. I didn’t know how well I would like that feature, but the more I used it, I become in love with it. Also, you have an 8-inch touchscreen that offers rotary dial commands, touch, and even voice commands. It is really a beautiful interior.img 1733

Of course for space, this has a good amount of room for being a crossover. You have the option for a third-row seat if you need it, which I like the option.  I was able to head to the market pick up all our groceries, fill the back and still have room. Some vehicles have little to no trunk space and I found this had an abundance. I also have to point out that the leg room available is really nice. It is important to me that even the people in the back seat don’t feel crammed in. I tested out the leg room and was pretty impressed with the space available.img 2105

Is The Mazda CX-9 A Good SUV?

A nice spacious cabin, great features for safety and interior, handles the corners nicely, great fuel economy, and offers a smooth ride. To me, this is a great SUV to consider if you are in the market. I loved driving this, and it had all things I would personally look for in a vehicle. See also.

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