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The Perfect Christmas Gift Ideas To Pamper a Busy Mom

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I don’t think I can think of any people that couldn’t do with a bit of pampering in their life. So one of the perfect gifts to give this Christmas is something that allows them to be pampered. The stresses of daily life can really take their toll. So having some time to themselves makes such a difference, right? I know it helps this mama big style! So here are some gift ideas, for the people in your life that need some pampering.

The Perfect Christmas Gift Ideas To Pamper a Busy Mom


Foot Spa

If they can’t get out to the spa, then take the spa to them. A foot spa is an easy way to relax. When you’ve been out on your feet all day, putting them in a warm foot spa is so relaxing. You could add in a few moisturizers or a foot scrub, depending on your budget. What better way to pamper a busy mom?

Fingernail Polish Set

Though a trip out to the nail salon is lovely, doing it at home can be just as fun. You’ve got to have the right equipment, through, right? A manicure set is something that would make a great gift. How many of us run out of nail files or cuticle sticks regularly? Or they just get lost around the house with the kids. So a new set is a good idea to keep fingernails and toenails looking fabulous. Some fun new nail polish is always good too. I don’t think you can ever have too many colors. You could even get them some nail wraps to mix things up a bit. They are fun if they’ve never been tried before.


Gift Certificate

Even if there is the chance for someone to get out to the spa, there is the cost of it all. So a special treat would be sending them a gift certificate for a treatment. It could be for a manicure or pedicure. Or how about getting them booked in with a massage therapist? Such a relaxing gift that really would be a treat. Facials are a great idea too; helps for any tired moms out there. What would be helpful, would be offering in babysitting too. Then they have no excuse to get out to use the gift certificate or voucher.

Chocolate Hamper

For some friends, it might be the case that they’d prefer to relax and unwind with chocolates and a movie. So think about getting them a basket full of their favorite treats. Then they can just work through it after the kids have gone to bed. Sometimes doing very little is the most relaxing thing you can do. Especially if you have been running around after kids all day long.


I think that whatever stage of life you are in, someone offering to make you dinner is the best thing ever. Making meals night after night can get a little exhausting. So if you are able to take over a meal of two to a friend, it would really be a way for them to pamper themselves.

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