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20 Christmas Cookie Recipes

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Hosting a cookie exchange or maybe on the hunt for the best Christmas cookie recipes?

I have listed some of the tastiest Christmas cookies below.

You will find recipes to fit your liking and give you that festive and stunning presentation value you are going for. Get in the holiday spirit, grab those baking supplies and let’s get to it.

20 Christmas Cookie Recipes

Savor and share these tasty Christmas cookie recipes below. Whether you make for your family or gift to friends and loved ones, these recipes will fit right in.

Snowman inspired cookies, candy cane filled, stained glassed style cookies, and I even tossed in a few classic recipes.

Delicious Christmas Cookie Recipes To Try

Oreo Cookies with white chocolate and designed to mimic Snowman Pops is a really fun no-bake recipe that is great to decorate with the kids or make as a treat to surprise them with.

Double chocolate peppermint cookies give you that chocolate and mint flavor that screams Christmas. These cookies will melt in your mouth.

figgy pudding cookies 6

Love the look of these figgy pudding cookies. They would be a really fun one for a Christmas cookie exchange or to make and plate up at your dessert table.

Christmas light shortbread cookies are really decorative and give you that classic shortbread buttery taste. A really amazing classic cookie that might remind you of when you were little.

Another traditional cookie to make is this Mexican wedding cookie with pecans. You have that coated powdered sugar cookie that has a light and soft pecan flavored center with bits of crunchy nuts throughout.

Christmas Wreath Cookies 3I can’t look over a good sugar cookie recipe to serve up. Cut and shape however you want and decorate for that gorgeous cookie that everyone will reach for time and time again.

If you are a fan of eggnog, give these soft eggnog cookies a try. You have that rich and creamy eggnog taste in every single bite. They really are unique and different.

Candy Cane Whoopie Pies 5 1 1024x683Love a filled cookie? Try out these candy cane whoopie pies. Tender and soft cookies with a peppermint candy cane inspired filling. Trust me, these beauties are outstanding.

Cranberry cookies that are keto, and low carb so they fit into a dietary need. Plus, these cookies are light, fresh, and the cranberry adds the perfect amount of sweetness and tart.

Melting snowman cookies recipeMelting snowman cookies are always a huge success. I love the 3D aspect of these cookies. Not only are they adorable, but the cookie is buttery and delicious.

Cinnamon roll cookies are also a great one to make. I know around the holidays cinnamon rolls are very popular, so take that love and transform it into a cookie!

Kids go bonkers over these Rudolph peanut butter cookies. You have that creamy peanut butter cookie that is decorated like Santa’s reindeer Rudolph.

Christmas Chocolate Chip CookiesFrosted Christmas chocolate chip cookies are a treat. They take your chocolate chip cookie and give it a holiday upgrade with a little frosting to add color and sweetness.

Salted caramel cookies are not only that sweetness you crave but also gorgeous in presentation. I love the look of these cookies, and you have that tender cookie that is drizzled with caramel, chocolate, and a perfect amount of salt.

Gingerbread sandwich cookies give you that spiced up gingerbread taste with a frosted filling for added sweetness. These are super fun to make.

Gingerbread Holly Cookies.Another gingerbread recipe is these Gingerbread holly cookies. They give you that gingerbread flavor that are dipped in chocolate and decorated. These make wonderful gifts for loved ones.

You’re a mean one, Mr. Grinch! Consider making these super easy cake mix Grinch cookies. You have that bold green cookie with a red candy to give it that classic Grinch look!

Stained Glass Window Cookies 1 of 1 3Check out these stained glassed cookies. They are just beautiful. You have a cutout cookie with a Jolly Rancher center to give it that stained glass look.

Chocolate crinkle crack cookies are always a huge hit. A fudgy cookie rolled in powdered sugar and baked till they are cooked through for that soft and chewy cookie.

These Disney themed Olaf cookies are so fun for little kids. A no-bake Christmas cookie that will win over the hearts of little ones.

20 Christmas Cookie Recipes

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