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Acrylic Photo Blocks from Canvas Champ

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Take your photos to a whole new level with these Acrylic Photo Blocks from Canvas Champ. Acrylic blocks offer that 3D effect to your photo to really allow it to pop and stand out. 


Family pictures are something I love to have in my home. To watch my children grow, remember fond memories, and of course, capture those moments in each phase of their life. We recently moved, and I was looking for a different way to dress up my home. 

Acrylic Photo Blocks

I came across these photo blocks from Canvas Champs and I fell in love. Look at how it brings out the picture in a transformed way. It allows you to create that contemporary look for your home, that allows the pictures to stand out in a vibrant way. 


Can You Add Text To Acrylic Photo Blocks

Yes! You are able to add in personalized text, clip art images, or even create a collage. The steps to create a personalized photo is so simple to make. Even if you are not overly technology savvy, I think you can navigate their system rather well. 

What Sizes of Acrylic Photos Are Available

4×4 all the way up to 12×18! They also offer that you can have a base or not for the image. I love that they have all different sizes so that you can find a photo to fit in almost any space of your home. 

Are Acrylic Photos Breakable 

Hearing the word acrylic can make you wonder will this break if dropped. They take pride in doing their best at Canvas Champs to offer a scratch-resistant and sturdy acrylic glass. This is strong and should hold up rather well over the years. 

Reasons You Want An Acrylic Photo Block 

  • Showcase a photo in a creative way at home
  • Gift to someone you love 
  • Place in a home office for decorating  
  • Give for Birthday, Anniversary, or just because 

There are so many reasons why you might want one or more of these photo blocks. I use them to give to my family at the holidays and even decorate my home with. 


How To Display An Acrylic Photo Block

  • Table | Sit on a table and place flowers or other home decor pieces beside it to help tie it together. 
  • Desk | I love having photos to decorate my desk at home. I recommend a smaller size so it takes up minimal space but you can still see your family as you work away. 
  • Mantle | Add a photo or two on your mantle next to other decorations. I love to mix and match sizes for an incredible depth of style. 

You can truly find any and every place to sit one of these blocks out to display your photo! Whether a candid image of your child, wedding photos, couples photo, and the list continues. These make any and every image look even more incredible! 



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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.