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Alternative Uses For Personal Lubricant

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A personal lubricant can be used in so many areas of your life, besides your personal life. I am the type of person who lives for a good hack, and lube has quite a few that you might learn to appreciate. If you have a bottle of lube lying around, read through this list and find ways to use it up. Or if you don’t have any on hand, you might consider purchasing a bottle the next time you head to the store.  Let me break down some tips and tricks on ways to use personal lubricant in your home.

Alternative Uses For Personal Lubricant

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Ways To Use Personal Lubricant

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Shine Shoes

Personal lubricant is great for shining up shoes when you are in a pinch. Grab a soft cloth and a dab of lube and you will have shining shoes in no time. You can also use this to shine your belts and even leather purses if you own any. Just massage well so it doesn’t offer that greasy look and feel after.



If you have curly hair you know it can get knotted up very easily. Apply a small amount of lubricant to your hands, rub them together and then rub it through your hair. This will help loosen knots and make it easier to brush or fix your hair like you normally would.

Hose End Washer Lubricant

When you change out the nozzles on your washer and dryer you can add a little lube to the seals. This will help create a better seal and prevent any leaks.

img 2324Door Hinges

Whether your door is sticking when you open and close it or making a squeaking noise, the lubricant can help. Apply lubricant with your finger on the hinges and then open and close the door a few times to work it in. This should help in making doors open and close easier or silence the noise.

 Lip Gloss

If you are in a bind and need to add a little shine to your lips, your lube can do just that. Just add a tiny dab and massage. It will also help keep your lips from feeling chapped. This also works great if you have lipstick on but want added shine and ran out of your favorite gloss.

 Price Tags


Have a stuck on price tag? Apply lubricant to tag and let it sit for 5 minutes. Then slowly work your way to removing any residue from the price tag sticker.


If you need a nice close shave, reach for the personal lubricant. It will help give you a nice smooth shave on your legs or even your face and protect you from razor burn.

img 2329Frizzies

Wave or curls or just thick locks, we all have dealt with fly aways. A tiny amount can help lock down those frizzies that are messing up your perfect hairdo.

 Stuck Zippers


Struggle with a stuck zipper on a jacket or pair of jeans? Apply a dab of lubricant and slowly work your way to moving the zipper up and down to loosen it.

Comb Out Lice

If you have kids you know that your child might come home with lice once or twice in a year. Silicone-based lubes can work great at brushing out dead lice. Apply at the base of the scalp and use a lice comb and work at brushing them out.

Jewelry Relief

Have a ring that is stuck on your finger? Don’t panic, add a dab of lubricant and work it around your ring and it should slide right off. I find this works better than soap.


If you wear pantyhose you can apply lube to help get rid of static clean that is known to happen when wearing pantyhose. It is also great for soothing any chafing you may have.


 img 2325Ice Pack

Take lube and put it in a freezer bag and then toss in the freezer. It will freeze to a soft texture and you can use it like an ice pack for little ouchies that happen over time.

Moisturizes Skin

If you suffer from dry skin, the personal lubricant can work as a way to moisturize your skin. Just apply like you would lotion after a bath or shower. It helps create a barrier to skin and keeps it from drying out.

Outdoor Gardening


If you are working with a shovel digging in the garden or yard, add a little lubricant to the front and back of your shovel. This will help it to go in and out of the ground easier and keep soft dirt or mud from sticking to the shovel blade.

Do you have any creative ways to use personal lubricant around your home?


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I am the type of person who lives for a good hack, and lube has quite a few that you might learn to appreciate. #lifehacks #hack #diy #alternitiveuses



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Saturday 30th of June 2018

It is wonderful to kept bows in babies heads, just a little dab on the back of the bow will hold it! You have to wait until it dries a bit to keep it in place, a little water will remove it. My daughters are now 29 and 22 and I used it all the time because the Velcro would never hold their baby fine hair.

Liz Mays

Wednesday 17th of August 2016

In a million years, I wouldn't have thought of any of this. I always considered it a one trick pony. Interesting!


Wednesday 17th of August 2016

WHAT?! I never knew you could do all these things with a personal lubricant! This is insane and I am totally going to use some for detangling!

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