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Which Is Better? Air fryer vs Toaster Oven Air Fryer.

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Air fryers have gained a lot of fame in the past few years, especially when a lot of us decided to eat healthily and become fit.

Thanks to air fryers’ quick and convenient performance, people now consider them a kitchen essential. 
When I got my first air fryer I started air frying everything!

air fryer with potatoes in it

My first one had an air fryer basket but it was perfect for the small space I had to put it in. And was way more convenient than a traditional oven and the deep fryer.

Which Is Better? Air fryer vs Toaster Oven Air Fryer?

Each of the air fryers has its own benefits but they both can cook the same things. Here are some examples of what all they can cook.

But all are way more convenient than a conventional oven. You don’t have to heat the entire house to air fry foods as you do with a regular oven.

Any of the best air fryers are an excellent choice because of their cooking capacity and convenience. I am talking about air fryer toaster ovens that are two-in-one cooking appliances. Aiming to give fryers a run for their money

air fryer with chicken nuggets in it

Air Fryer or an Air Fryer Oven? Let’s See What Do You Need!

Traditional air fryers, i.e., the one with the air fry basket: 

These air fryers have a heat source at the bottom and a powerful fan sitting atop the food basket.

Once plugged in, the heating element generates heat, and the fan blows it across. Since these basket air fryers are small, you can quickly prepare food with them, but in small single layer batches. 

air fryer with chicken wings in it

Air Fryer Toaster Ovens, i.e., those that look like countertop ovens but use hot air for cooking

An air fryer toaster oven will be large and look like the countertop convection ovens. You can prepare bigger food batches in these ovens to reduce your workload.

Also, you can replace two appliances (a toaster oven and an air fryer) for this two-in-one buddy and enjoy healthy cooking. 

Now that we understand the primary difference between these two appliances, let’s take a detailed look at their features to decide which one has the upper hand: 

Cooking Capacity 

In love with those extra-crispy air-fried chicken wings? If so, you’ll indeed crave a second serving.

But when your air fryer has a limited cooking capacity, you’ll have to cook in multiple batches, and waiting for food is no fun, right? That’s when an air fryer toaster oven wins over the air fryer.

Since toaster ovens are large and you can accommodate more food in them, their larger capacity wins over.

So, if you cannot redo the entire cooking process after your plate of fries is empty, an air fryer toaster oven will suit you better. 

Heating Time 

Don’t have much time to spare while making snacks? A good-quality air fryer will be your good friend. Countertop egg-shaped air fryers are compact, and their heating elements target your food better, so naturally, they work faster. Also, an air fryer’s basket will hold a small quantity of food, so you won’t have to wait endlessly while it works. 

On the flip side, air fryer toaster ovens take a few extra minutes to heat, and their cooking time is longer because of their size.

A toaster oven’s fan blows hot on a bigger area, and you might have to wait to achieve that perfect crisped brown color. 

Size and Build

If your kitchen is compact or you prefer minimalism, an air fryer will align with your goals better. A regular 4-6 quarts air fryer doesn’t occupy much kitchen counter space and adds that ‘chic’ look to your kitchen if you’re big on aesthetics.

Air fryers sit tight with your kitchen’s backsplash and don’t come in between while you do other tasks. Contrarily, air fryer toaster ovens have bigger footprints and aren’t exactly compact.

Although the exact space you need for an air fryer toaster oven will depend on its size, it’ll always be bigger than an air fryer. But here’s a catch.

You can replace two kitchen appliances with one and end up saving some countertop space; cool, right? So, this comparison factor relies more on your choice than the appliances!

Energy Consumption 

No one wants to see a whopping electricity bill each month, which is why kitchen appliances are getting smarter by the day.

Once you’re confident about a particular appliance’s energy needs, you can decide better; so, here it is: Air fryers usually consume 1400 watts of electricity depending upon their size and model. Although they can reach up to 2200W, 1400 is the average. 

On the other hand, air fryer toaster ovens average 1600 watts, even in small models. You can expect slightly higher electricity consumption with an air fryer toaster oven because it accommodates more food and takes longer to heat. 

If you’re cautious about your home’s electricity consumption and wish to save a few bucks, you’re good with an air fryer. But if you have to cook multiple food batches, this little wattage difference won’t matter. 


The clean-up phase has to be the toughest task associated with cooking. When you have to take all food and grime particles off from a cooking appliance, it can be a tedious task.

However, air fryer toaster ovens are pretty easy to clean because of their build. You can take out the oven tray and wash it with dish soap to complete the cleaning process.

Since these trays are often metallic, you don’t have to baby them. On the flip side, air fryer baskets can be quite difficult to clean, especially the non-stick ones.

These baskets can easily chip off, and their performance can get impacted because of rough cleaning, so being careful with them is smart. If you prefer quick cleaning where your appliances don’t need any babying, an air fryer toaster oven should be your choice. 

Air fryers and air fryer toaster ovens are excellent cooking appliances because they help us prepare healthy food. If you don’t like your food dunked in oil, an air fryer will quickly become your favorite appliance.

But since there are various air fryer models out there, picking one carefully is mandatory. 

That’s why we decided to explain what makes air fryers and air fryer toaster ovens different to help you decide smartly. So, list your preferences, compare a few appliances, and bring home the best one. Happy cooking! 

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