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Cricut Joy|What I Need To Know About This Cute Little Machine

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The Cricut Joy is a compact, smart, mini Cricut Machine that is the perfect complement to your larger machines. Cricut Joy can 50+ popular materials.

Cricut started the year off running with this little Joy! Last year came extra tools for the Maker machine and Infusible ink, this mini machine is a perfect addition to the family!

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Get ready for this uber cute machine by starting an inspiration board on Pinterest.

The Cricut Joy is a small cutting machine but it is a huge idea. Its simplistic but smart style will help you to personalize your life and even gifts!

What are the Available Tools and Accessories

What Do I Need To Know About Cricut Joy?

What materials does the Cricut Joy Cut?

The new Cricut Joy can cut over 50 materials including paper, cardstock, vinyl, infusible ink and more!

What are smart materials?

These are materials specially designed to cut without a cutting mat. Smart materials come in a variety of types.shadow box 3

What size material can the Cricut Joy cut?

This adorable machine cuts 5.5 inches wide but can cut up to 20 feet long! One of the beauties of this machine is because it’s smart, it has sensors that measure your material before it starts the cut so you can know for a fact that you have enough material to complete the project.cricut joy cutting a birthday banner in silver vinyl

Do I need a cutting mat for the Cricut Joy?

Unlike the Cricut Maker and Cricut Explore, you don’t need a mat at all to cut your materials, and it allows for continuous cuts without a cutting mat. This smart cutting machine also has special smart materials designed especially for this machine.

Does the Cricut Joy work with Design Space?

Absolutely! The biggest difference with this machine is its size. You can still do almost everything that you have done with the larger machines in the past.

What tools are compatible with the Cricut Joy?

There are 2, one for cutting and 1 for writing.

How is the Joy different from other Cricut Machines?

This machine is very compact and extremely portable!

What types of things can I make with the Cricut Joy?

The Cricut Joy is perfect for making water bottles, cake toppers, T-shirts and you can even make custom cards using the special card mat.cricut joy 4

You can check out this little beauty over here on the Cricut website.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.