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DIY Mother’s Day Card With The Cricut Joy

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Mothers will always have a soft spot for homemade gifts. Surprise your mom with a DIY Mother’s Day Card made with the Cricut Joy.

Mother’s Day cards have been around for a long time and I think it’s time that they got a little upgrade. The Cricut Joy is the perfect way to do that.

mothers day card with cricut

With the Cricut Joy, your Mother’s Day card will bring cards to a new level. With custom designs to choose from, your card will be unique and personal.

You can really show your appreciation for your mom with one of these cards. You’ll be the favorite child for sure with this gift.

How Do You Make A Mother’s Day Card With Cricut Joy

card with cricut

The Cricut Joy simplifies so many at home craft while also allowing you to get creative. There are so many possibilities when it comes to making crafts with it,

When it comes to making DIY Mother’s Day cards, the Cricut Joy keeps it pretty simple. With just the Cricut Joy, the design space software, and a few other tools, you can create a beautiful card for your lovely mother.

The Design Space Software gives you access to so many different templates and designs to choose from. This allows you to use your creativity to make something unique.

diy mothers day card 4

Following the instructions will leave you with the perfect gift for Mom. The directions are easy and the craft doesn’t take long at all.

For this craft, you will get to choose your own cardstock to use for the card. This decision is complete up to you! You can choose the color and design for your cardstock which will help with the individuality of your card.

You can also choose to use the Cricut Joy Pen or Markers for making your card. Whether you use them or not is really just based on preference and what you would like to do and what you have.

Do You Need A Cricut Joy Card Mat

happy mothers day card

Yes! You will want to have a Cricut Joy Card Mat to complete this DIY Mother’s Day card craft. Keeping this in mind, make sure to choose the mat option in the design space.

Design Space makes crafting a lot easier. There are so many options for you such as making your own custom designs or choosing from other templates. It really does have it all!

With this craft being so quick and easy, it is also perfect for a last-minute gift (Don’t worry. I’m not judging you). If it slipped your mind or you lost track of the days, this is the savior you have been asking for.

cricut mothers day card

You can customize this card for anyone! If you wanna send Mother’s Day cards to your grandma or another loved mother, this card still works! You can make it whatever you need it to be.

There is so much room for creativity with this craft and it really is such a great way to make a Mother’s Day card. Any mom would be lucky to receive it!

DIY Mothers Day Cards With The Cricut Joy
Yield: 1

DIY Mothers Day Cards With The Cricut Joy

Prep Time: 10 minutes
Active Time: 20 minutes
Total Time: 30 minutes
Difficulty: Easy
Estimated Cost: $10

Mother's Day cards have been around for a long time and I think it's time that they got a little upgrade. The Cricut Joy is the perfect way to do that.


  • Design Space software on computer or mobile device
  • Cricut Joy Insert Cards
  • Cricut Joy Card Mat
  • Cricut Joy Pens or Markers (optional)


  • Cricut Joy


  1. Select a design then click make it. 
  2. Choose the On Card Mat option. Now hit Continue.
  3. Choose cardstock for your material.
  4. Remove the cover from your mat. 
  5. Open card. From the left, slide one side of the folded card under the plastic divider. diy mothers day card 5
  6. Make sure your card is aligned to the top left corner of the mat. Push card up until it's flush with the top, then align the inside fold of the card against the plastic divider.  diy mothers day card 7
  7. Press the front of the card into the adhesive on the mat. diy mothers day card 6
  8. Insert your mat into machine, arrow end first and the machine will grab it and pull it in. diy mothers day card 8
  9. When the cut is complete, peel the mat away from the card. Leaving behind the cut off pieces. (you can scrape these off later) diy mothers day card 11
  10. Tuck insert into corner notches in the card. diy mothers day card 13

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