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First Day Of School Signs: For Your Memory Books

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I have a great first day of school sign you can use to capture everything about your child. From what grade they are in, their favorite food, toy, what they want to be when they grow up and more. This is a perfect way to get all those precious moments that you never want to let go of. Take a photo of your child holding this first day of school sign and store it in your memory books.

First Day Of School Signs: For Your Memory Books

Download at the bottom of the post.

Memorable First Day of School Signs

I remember when I was little I know each year I wanted to grow up to be something different. Over the years I went from a clerk at a store to a lawyer and all things in between. For each of my children, they all would change their minds as well, but it was always so precious to hear what they had envisioned for their future. A vet, nurse, doctor, or even a basketball star. I have heard it all, and I love having these first day of school signs to look back on for each one of my children.

Simply print out this printable, and then fill in the areas that are there. Add a photo of your child and let them take a picture with it on the first day of school if you want. You can save the printable in a file box or memory book for your child or you to look back on in years to come.

I have a great free first day of school sign for your memory books that you can use to capture everything about your child. What grade they are in and more!up and more. #free #printable #backtoschool #firstdayofschoolHow to Help Your Child Have A Great First Day Of School

Because we are talking back to school, consider these tips below to help set your child up for success on the first day back to school. It is crazy to me that summer is almost coming to a close, and a new year is about to begin. Prepare and plan, and find peace in that first day back to school.

Talk to Your Child

If you have a younger child, make sure to talk to them about what a new school year will be like. Who is their teacher, what they might do in the day, and more? Help them see all the fun things that will be waiting for them each day. While a new school year can bring jitters, if you help to look at positive moments, it can get them excited and they can overlook the scary.

Meet The Teacher

Almost all schools allow you to go in and get to meet with the teachers and see the classrooms. See if this is an option so your child can put a face to their teacher’s name. They might even see some classmates that they will know to help soothe their worries.


Make sure that you plan ahead and get back into an early bedtime a few weeks before school starts. This will help your first day of school flow a lot easier as your child is used to getting into bed earlier and not living on summer hours still.


Let your child help plan their first day of school outfit. This is a great way to get them excited to head out the door if they get to help pick out their new outfit.


Share your own memories that are fun with your child for that grade. It is a way for them to kind of envision what the school year might be like. Don’t focus on any negative feelings. You can say you were scared but once you got in the school it all disappeared, or something along that lines.

Take Pictures

Make sure to take those pictures on the first day of school. Get that lasting memory or you and your little one to look back on. These first day of school signs are a great way to get them excited to show off their favorites and smile for the camera.


Consider reading books about the first day of school with your younger child. They can see how in the story the child heads off to school and all the different things they will experience in the day.

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What tips do you have to set yourself up for success for the first day of school?

First Day Of School Signs: For Your Memory Books


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