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Best Sugar Substitutes For Keto Diet

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What are the best Keto sugar substitutes to incorporate into your meals without getting off track on your diet? I have some great Keto sugar substitutes below to help keep you trucking along on your Keto journey. I have found these Keto sugar substitutes help me to create dishes like mini Keto cakes that allow me to indulge in a sweet treat. I love my sugar, and I feel these are the best sugar substitutes to help give you a variety and enjoy some sweetness in your life. 

Best Sugar Substitutes For Keto Diet

best sugar substitutes for keto diet

Keto sugar substitutes are a great way to give your dishes you make some sweetness, use in drinks and more and watch your carb count. While regular sugar is tasty, it is loaded with tons of carbs which is a big no-no in the keto diet. Here is a list of the top keto sugar substitutes to give a whirl while on your keto diet journey.

AdobeStock 60250351What To Look For In A Keto Sugar Substitute

You want to look for a handful of things before you grab any sweetener off the shelf. There are tons of sweeteners out there and don’t feel limited to this list below.

Low Carb | You want to aim to find a low-to-no carb sweetener. Keto is all about low carb, so this is a must.

Sugar-Free | Having a sugar free is a great alternative. This will help your body burn the fat to help give you fuel, instead of weighing you down, giving you that tired feeling like regular sugar would.

Low Glycemic | Having a low glycemic index is a must. While many foods can raise your blood sugar, you want to look for something that is zero to minimal on the glycemic. If it is high, it is not keto-friendly.

AdobeStock 60250373Top Keto Sugar Substitutes


Stevia is one of the most popular sugar substitutes in the keto diet. It allows you to create desserts, mix in drinks and not feel like you are being deprived of that sweet flavor. Stevia is a great low carb sugar substitute that has no sugar or calories in it. Plus it has been known to help lower blood pressure that is generally high, improve glucose levels, and even help combat cancer cells. A lot of people love Stevia in their bulletproof coffee; it gives it the perfect amount of sweetness.


I have tried Swerve and found it is an excellent option to have on hand. It offers a little bit of a citrus flavor, and has no calories and hits a zero on the glycemic scale. Many use this for carmelizing food and baking desserts. The great thing about this is the replacement is equal in recipes compared to regular sugar. Half a cup of regular sugar results in half a cup of Swerve, no calculating to find the correct amount for your substitute.

 Monk Fruit Sweetener

Monk fruit sweetener isn’t as favorite, but you get to reap the benefits. Monk fruit sweetener has antioxidants in it form the fruit and is a great low-calorie sweetener.  This sweetener does cost a bit more, but many love using it in their recipes. Monk fruit sweetener has a zero in the glycemic index and is also great for glucose levels just like Stevia.


Zero calorie sweetener that is highly popular. Many use this sweetener in baking desserts like mini cakes, brownies, and more. It gives you that sweet flavor without the blood sugar spike from the carb overload. It is non-GMO and great to use, look for it in the baking aisle in the organic section.


This is a very great sweetener to have on hand in the keto-diet world. This sweetener does have a few more carbs than other brands but is still a good option. It contains around 8 grams of carbohydrates per serving. Xylitol is found in many sugar-free gums to help improve oral care by cleaning teeth and preventing cavities. That is why you see it as a top ingredient pretty often.

What is your favorite keto friendly sweetener to use?

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What are the best Keto sugar substitutes to incorporate into your meals without getting off track on your diet?

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