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Fun Party Ideas Your Kids Can Get Excited About

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Is one of your kids having their birthday very soon? If so, you will no doubt be spending a lot of time thinking of cool party ideas. Finding it hard to get any inspiration? No problem! Here are some of my top ideas for children’s parties. Hopefully, one of these will get you and your child super excited for the big day!


Laser Tag


Did you know that many laser tag venues host children’s birthday parties? Invite all of your child’s friends and young cousins so that they can burn off some steam running around playing laser tag! They can play in some cool, futuristic settings. And, afterward, many of these venues will include a catered birthday meal if you book in advance. Always try to book in advance if you are thinking of taking a group of kids for a birthday at laser tag. That way, you’ll find out whether the venue can offer you any special packages!

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Princess Party


Is your little girl turning a year older? Then you’ll have to plan a very pink party! And the best way to do this is to give the party a princess theme. Ask all the guests to come in pretty princess costumes so that the day can be a very regal affair! This is the perfect party for hosting at home, to help you keep costs down. Plan a buffet so none of the kids go hungry. When you are planning the food, think of getting lots of sweet treats and pink iced cupcakes to keep in with the princess theme!


Superhero Party


Boys won’t be too happy if you tell them they’re having a princess party! That’s a surefire way to set off a tantrum. Instead of a princess theme, switch it to a superhero party. Then all the guests can come dressed as their favorite superhero! When you are thinking about what kinds of food to go with, you should still stick to sweet food. Rather than pink icing, go for blue, though.

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Inflatable Castle


Another great idea for a party at your home is to hire an inflatable castle. This is perfect if you have plenty of space in your garden. If you are struggling for room, you could always rent out a venue that will let you erect the large inflatable castle. If your kids are slightly older, you could go with something slightly different and rent out a large inflatable assault course!


Children’s Entertainer


Are you worried that you might not be able to keep all the kids entertained for the afternoon? Then you should think about enlisting the help of a children’s entertainer. Clowns are extremely popular at kids’ parties and will entertain all the kids by making balloon animals and slapstick comedy. You could also hire a magician to come and perform some magic tricks and shows at the party!




When your kids are slightly older, they may want to have a disco party. You will have to hire a venue for this. Normally, many function rooms and leisure centers will have the facilities to host children’s discos. They might include their own DJ when you rent the venue. However, if they do not have a resident DJ, then you will have to find your own. Remember that you should also arrange a small buffet for the party so that the kids don’t go hungry. Normally, this isn’t included in the venue so you will have to prepare it yourself.

Fun Party Ideas



Jungle Party


Another great idea for a party at home is to host a jungle party. Decorate your home with lots of jungle-inspired decor. You might also want to buy some animal masks so that the kids can be an animal through the party. Alternatively, hire a local face painter! There are some pet shops and small zoos that will bring creepy crawlies and reptiles to children’s parties for the kids to stroke. Book one of these to put on a show at the party, if you don’t think the kids will be too squeamish!


Swimming Party


Some swimming complexes will rent out their smaller pools for swimming parties. There will be plenty of inflatables out in the pool that the kids can play with when they are splashing about! Many swimming pools will also have a spacious room where the kids can enjoy some food after all the fun in the pool!
You’re probably now bursting with loads of great ideas for your child’s birthday party! Now you just need to start organizing it ready for the big day!

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