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21 Delicious Valentine’s Day Treats Anyone Can Make

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Valentine’s Day Treats are the perfect excuse to break out everything red and pink, to decorate with hearts, and just revel in the feeling of being loved and showing others how much you love them.

Whether making something special for your kids, playdates, parties, or even a night in, I got you covered with all your sweets below.


 You can pair your Valentine’s Day Treats with these Valentine’s Day Dinner Ideas, for the most romantic night of your life with the most amazing dessert recipes.

One of the best ways to show your loved ones how much you care is by whipping up a decadent treat, and boy do I have some of the best Valentine’s Day treats below.

Easy Valentine’s Day Treats

Nothing gets any sweeter than this Red Velvet Brownies With Cookies and Cream Cheesecake Bottom! Start with a brownie base and swirl in sweet homemade cheesecake. Each bite is sweet and slightly tangy.

Valentine Pretzels are the perfect no-bake holiday treat. Take your pretzels, dip in chocolate and toss on some sprinkles. Nothing beats a dipped pretzel in my book.

valentines day puppy chow in a red heart tin

Colorful, sweet and so simple to make is what you get with this Valentine’s Day Puppy Chow! You have the classic flavors of puppy chow but in a pink and red form to fit the Valentine’s Day theme.

You can even add in some dark chocolate chips or melted chocolate to make it even more delicious.

Best Valentine’s Day Treats

Mini Heart Shaped Monkey Bread1 1

Canned biscuits get transformed with this  Mini Heart-Shaped Monkey Bread recipe. It is so pretty, and a fun way to treat your kids or spouse in the morning. These are a must make this holiday. Drizzle with cream cheese for an extra treat for Valentine’s Day!

Peanut Butter Heart Cookies 3

A basic peanut butter base topped with heart-shaped chocolate is what you will get with this Peanut Butter Heart Cookies recipe. A delicious and heartwarming treat that is great for parties, after-school treats, or to surprise your partner with.

Chocolate Covered Strawberry Frozen Yogurt Bites

3 Ingredient Chocolate Covered Strawberry Frozen Yogurt Bites are a healthy and easy treat. I love to make these up and have in the freezer for an after-school treat for my daughter. Best of all, they take hardly any effort to make.

Love Note Valentine Butter Cookies are a homemade butter cookie that is designed to look like an envelope, aka love note. Such a creative way to show your love to your child, spouse, or even friends.

Salty, sweet, and colorful is what you find in this Easy Valentine’s Day Bark. A great no-bake treat for those who would rather whip up a dessert that doesn’t require turning on the oven.

21 Delicious Valentine’s Day Treats Anyone Can Make

Valentine Sandwich Cookies are so stunning, and boy they are the perfect amount of sweetness. Tender and moist cookies with a creamy and sweet red colored frosting in between.


Another cookie option is this, Chocolate Valentine Kiss Cookies recipe. A chocolate cookie loaded with sprinkles and topped with a kiss right in the center.

Puff Pastry Valentine Dessert is super easy to make and gives you a stunning presentation. Ice cream in between layers of puff pastry cooked to perfection. Then drizzle on some Boysenberry syrup to amplify flavors.

Loveheart Meringues

 Love Heart Meringues are absolutely stunning. Make homemade meringues and then fill the centers for a super sweet cookie-like dessert. Not only are these delicious but boy they look like you ordered them off a menu at a restaurant.

Nothing beats a good blondie in my book. I love the colorful Valentine Blondies. These are sweet, red and pink colored, and a perfect bar to serve up your family or friends this Valentine’s day.

Pink animal cookies are made into a rich and creamy truffle. Check out these Homemade Pink Truffles that are going to win over your crowd. Dipped in chocolate and topped with colorful sprinkles.

Valentine’s Day Treats Anyone Can Make

Valentine Macarons 11

Have you ever made homemade macaroons? Here’s a Valentine’s Day Macaroon recipes that are deep purple, that is filled and looks like a bakery-style macaroon. Light, flaky, and good down to the last crumbs.

White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake Bars are one of my favorite desserts. You have that sweet and slightly tart cheesecake and then add in a layer of raspberry swirl so each bite has that sweet and tang. This cheesecake makes a stunning presentation.

Give these Raspberry Buttercream Filled Cupcakes a try! The base is a boxed cake mix that she dresses up and tops with a light and creamy buttercream and decorates in pink and red.

Love Little Debbies? Make a homemade version of your favorite treats. These Valentine Snack Cakes Copycat Recipe is easy to follow and will give you that rich cherry and frosting flavor you are yearning for.

heart shaped cake pops 3

Take your cake pops to a whole new level. Here are some Heart Cake Pops that will be a show stopper. They are tasty but also stunning to look at. I love the arrows! Such a fun twist to the classic cake pop.

Who doesn’t love a good lollipop? Make your own Valentine’s Day Candy Cane Lollipops that is sweet just like your sweeties!

With a little chocolate and marshmallows, you can transform them into a bite-size treat. Look at these Valentine Marshmallow Pops! No baking required and easy to whip up for a last-minute treat.

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