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Cricut Machine Tool Organizer and Storage

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There are so many different tools for your Cricut and this Cricut Machine Tool organizer is the perfect way to keep track of your various tools. Each tool has a purpose so it is very important that you know where to find them when you need them.

Using The Cricut Machine Tool Organizer

Storing all of your tools has never been easier with this Cricut Machine Tool Organizer. Before I get into how to store your tools, let me tell you a little bit about what kind of tools you will be storing.

To start, we have the fine point blade. This is the most common blade to be used with your Cricut Maker. This tool has a steep angled blade that will allow to to cut into thick materials.

This blade can cut canvas, cardstock, and many other medium-weight materials. Be careful when purchasing a replacement blade because you will want to buy one with a white cap. The blades with grey caps are for older models.

cricut machine tool organizer

The next common tool is the deep point blade. If you are wanting to cut thick materials, this is the blade you will want to use. The angle of this blade is steep makes it a good option for thicker materials.

You will be able to cut leather, corrugated paper, and other thick materials with this deep point blade. The fine point blade is 45 degrees while the deep point blade is 60 degrees. The steeper blade will be better for cutting the thicker materials and vice versa.

Next, you can house the bonded fabric blade in your Cricut Machine Tool Organizer. This blade closely resembles the fine point blade but it is a bit different because it is color-coded so it is only to be used with fabric.

blade and tool storage

When you use this tool, the fabric you will be using needs to be bonded to some sort of backing material. To put into simpler terms, you will want to adhere the fabric to another material to keep it from stretching or tearing your original material.

Whip this tool out of your Cricut Machine Tool Organizer when you work with fabrics such as cloth, silk, cotton, denim, and many more. Do not forget to bond any material you use in order to avoid any rips or other errors.

Cricut Tools

The rotary blade is another tools that is compatible with your Cricut Maker. This blade comes with the purchase of your Cricut Maker and is not compatible with any of the other Cricut machines.

storage for blade and tools

This blade will cut through any type of fabric. The main difference between this tool and the bonded fabric blade is that you will not have to use a backing material to use the rotary blade.

You can only use this blade with projects that are at least 19 mm which is basically its only restriction. If you use it for smaller projects, your blade will not last as long as it has the potential to.

The rotary blade can cut the same materials as the bonded fabric blade and then some! from cottons to Lycra, you really can cut any type of fabric!

machine tool organizer for cricut tools

Your Cricut Machine Tool Organize can also keep your knife blade. This tools is perfect when it comes to cutting woods and tooling leather.

Cricut Machine Tools

This is another tool that is only compatible with the Cricut Maker. You can make so many cool projects such as wood signs and boxes. You’ll need to use the StrongGrip mat when you use this blade. You may need to take extra measures to keep your material in place, especially if that material is wood.

You are able to use painters tape to keep your materials in place if the StrongGrip is not enough. Cutting heavy boards and wood is a lot easier with this tool.

tools inside of organizer

The scoring tip, engraving tip, and debossing tip are tools that you’ll want to have in your Cricut Machine Tool Organizer.

The scoring tip is perfect for making crisp folds in your materials. You can use Design Space to determine whether you should use tip one or two. The engraving tip on the other hand is perfect for engraving materials.

You can make dog tags and other monograms with aluminum and other materials. The debossing tip can also be used to engrave words into materials. It can be used with more materials that the engraving tip.

cricut organizer for tools and blades

There are so many tools and the easiest way to keep them all in one place is by using the Cricut machine Tool Organizer. This will allow you to locate and use them quickly whenever you need them!

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