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Amazing Epsom Salt Benefits Plus Other Uses

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Epsom salt is great for soothing your sore muscles when doing an Epsom salt bath but did you know that you can use it in other areas of your home? I want to share some great Epsom salt benefits and uses. Epsom salt is one item I always keep on hand, it is affordable and comes with a ton of ways to use from health benefits, beauty uses, and even in your garden. If you don’t have any Epsom salt on hand, you might want to make a pit stop on your next outing or hop on and order some from Amazon you get free 2-day shipping if you have Prime.

What Does Epsom Salt Do

Epsom salt isn’t like the salt you sprinkle on your food. The most common Epsom salt uses are for stiff muscles, insomnia, psoriasis, bruises, and so on. When people hear Epsom salt, they probably think of an Epsom salt bath. You sprinkle the Epsom in your bath and soak to help with the issue I listed above and more. Or people do Epsom salts detox, to help pull out impurities in the body.  But there are tons of uses for Epsom salt besides these medical uses.

10 Different Epsom Salt Uses To Try Out Today

Removes Splinters

If you find yourself with a splinter, soak your affected area in warm water with some Epsom salt for about five minutes. The magnesium sulfate will help reduce any inflammation and soften the splinter so when you go to pull it out, it will be easier.

Blackhead Remover

Epsom salt is perfect to help remove blackheads, just mix a teaspoon of Epsom salt with three drops of iodine, in a cup of boiling water. Let the salt dissolve and then allow the mixture to cool completely down. Then use a cotton ball or pad and apply the mix to the areas where you have blackheads. Let it dry, and then wash face like you normally would. This will help pull out blackheads.

Clean Washer

Over time your washer can get pretty dirty. To prolong the life of your washer just run a load on the hottest setting, and add in 1/2 cup to 1 cup of Epsom salt. Run like a regular cycle to let it do the job of cleaning your washer.

An Epsom salt detox bath is one of the easiest and best ways to really detoxify the body. We live in a world full of toxins and taking an Epsom salt bath to detox is something I recommend we all do from time to time. Detoxification of the body will help remove any dangerous compounds in our body. This Epsom salt bath detox mixture I have created below is truly soothing and so relaxing for the body.Epsom Salts Detox

Remove toxins from your body and relax in a salt detox bath. DIY Epsom Salt Detox Bath Soak recipe here. This is great to pull out toxins when you are sick, to soothe painful muscles, relax your body, and more.


On damp skin rub Epsom salt over your skin to help remove dead skin cells and leave your skin feeling silky and smooth. Wash like normal after.

Sunburn Relief

Mix a tablespoon of Epsom salt to a half cup of hot water, allow it to cool down. Pour into a spray bottle and spritz on the area that has the sunburn. Do this twice daily to get relief and help lessen the effects of the sunburn.

Clean Dirty Tile

Epsom salt is great for cleaning tile whether in your kitchen, bathroom or other areas of your home. Mix equal parts of dish soap and Epsom salt and apply it over the tile. Let it sit for a few minutes and begin scrubbing; it will remove any stains and remove gunk or grime.

Remove Foot Odor

Take a half cup of Epsom salt to 1/2 gallon of water and soak your feet. This will help draw out any lingering odors, and then when you let it sit for 15-20 minutes then rinse and pat dry.

Clean Pots And Pans

Take a little sprinkle of Epsom salt to a dirty pot or pan and scrub. Be gentle as it will have an abrasive texture to it; this will help pull away any stuck on food.


If you like to garden grab your Epsom salt! If you plant to grow produce, sprinkle a tablespoon around the base of the plant, make sure not to touch the plant with the salt, to help it grow. Just make sure the plant is at least 10-12 inches tall. This is like food for the plants, and they will flourish.

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Epsom salt is great for soothing your sore muscles when doing an Epsom salt bath but did you know that you can use it in other areas of your home? I want to share some great Epsom salt benefits and uses. #hacks #epsosalt #naturalremedies

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