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Watermelon Juice

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Refreshing, crisp and a hydrating drink is what you will get with this watermelon juice. All you need is a blender and watermelon for the perfect summer sip.

I love slicing watermelon sprinkling on salt and diving in, but one thing I love more is a homemade watermelon juice. This recipe is a must-make! 

Whether you want a refreshing drink after a long day in the heat, or want to serve a crowd, this easy watermelon juice recipe is the perfect contender.

Literally, all you need is a watermelon and you can blend away to get a perfectly sweet juice. If you want to thin it up a bit add in some coconut water for a twist. 

Easy Watermelon Juice 

Cold fresh watermelon juice in glass bottles with mint on white wooden background

When it gets hot in the summer, it gets severely hot! I whip up a pitcher of watermelon juice and keep it in the fridge often in the summer and spring. The kids and I both will reach for a glass, because it is so hydrating and refreshing on those scorching hot days. 

Don’t have a juicer? Well, no worries this recipe uses a blender. So no need for a fancy blender. No need for added sugar, the watermelon alone is sweet enough. You can always add in a splash of lime or even some mint leaves to create a different element of flavor. 


Tips for Making Watermelon Juice 

  • Seedless | I tend to buy seedless watermelons, but if you have a watermelon that has seeds, it will be a little time consuming but you need to remove the seeds. Once seeds are removed then blend away. 
  • Thickness | As I talk about below, if you want it thinner, add in coconut water to add flavor without watering it down. This watermelon juice is a little bit thicker but that is how it should be. 
  • Strainer | If you don’t want the thickness, run it through a strainer to help catch more of the watermelon pieces so you get more straight juice. 
  • Cocktail | You could even transform this juice into a cocktail by a splash of tequila or even rum. 


What Are The Benefits of Drinking Watermelon Juice

Watermelon is such a refreshing fruit, and to drink the juice adds even more of this red fleshy fruit into your diet. Watermelon is great for keeping you hydrated, reducing inflammation and relieves sore muscles.

It is also wonderful for skin, hair, and giving you a clearer complexion. Low in calories means it is great for your figure, and you might even find you get an energy boost from sipping on this watermelon juice. 

Healthy fresh watermelon juice in glass bottles with mint on white wooden background. Top view

How Long Will Watermelon Juice Last in Refrigerator 

Around 3 days is the longest I would go. To be honest, after it is freshly made tastes best. Just stir before you pour each time you pour a glass.


How to Pick A Watermelon At The Store 

Good watermelon juice starts with a sweet and ripe watermelon. Let me share some tips on how to pick the perfect watermelon at the store. 

  • Heavy | You want to pick a watermelon that feels heavy for its size. Try picking up a few watermelons and comparing which one feels heavier but looks similar in size. 
  • Brown Spot | Look at the bottom of the watermelon and see that it has a yellow-brown spot. That means it was out on the vine long enough to ripe when they picked it. Watermelon will not ripen more once it is picked. 


That is how I gauge the sweetness and ripeness and it works rather well. I rarely pick a bad one by looking at these two factors. 

Have you ever tried a homemade watermelon juice before? 


Healthy fresh watermelon juice in glass bottles with mint on white wooden background

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Healthy fresh watermelon juice in glass bottles with mint on white wooden background. Top view

Watermelon Juice


  • 1 Seedless sweet small watermelon, refrigerated until used, to be cold
  • *If you are using a large refrigerated watermelon with seeds, you will need to cut out the seeds before you blend.


  1. Chop the watermelon into quarters.
  2. If there are any seeds, remove them.
  3. Use a small knife cut the watermelon into chunks.
  4. Place the watermelon chunks into your blender and whirl to make the juice.
  5. It should be thick and perfect as it is, but if you want to water it down a little, use pure organic coconut water.
  6. Optional; Garnish with watermelon slices.

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