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21 Cauliflower Recipes That Taste Amazing

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Looking for that perfect cauliflower recipes to serve up to your family or guests? I have compiled a nice list of delicious recipes all centered around cauliflower. Give these recipes a try, and enjoy the rich and savory flavors they have to offer. Learn how to make cauliflower tortillas, fried rice, cauliflower salad, and so much more.


20 Amazingly Delicious Cauliflower Recipes

This cauliflower pizza crust is the best and you can top it with your favorite pizza ingredients for the tastiest low carb lunch or dinner option! #easy #recipe #low #carb #lowcarb #keto # healthy #vegan #vegetarian #how #to #make

Cauliflower Pizza Crust With Tomato Spinach and Feta is the perfect “healthier” version to a homemade pizza.  With only 191 calories and 7g carbs per serving this recipe is a great and healthy alternative to traditional pizza.

Do you love potato salad? If so give this savory and flavorful Roasted Cauliflower Salad a try. Roasted cauliflower, onions, walnuts, and even Feta cheese sprinkled throughout.

My Cauliflower Tots are low carb and made without eggs or milk! These little bite-size gems are a great alternative to a potato style tater tot.

Or, try out these Cauliflower Bites. Pieces of cauliflower battered and fried, to a crispy and tender inside texture, and then dip in your favorite sauces for one outstanding flavor combination.

If you are on the hunt for a Weight Watchers friendly recipe, give this Loaded Mashed Cauliflower a try. Creamy, savory and just only 3 Weight Watchers points.

Cauliflower fried rice with shrimp is the perfect alternative to ordering takeout. This is lower carb and healthier version, that still taste absolutely mouthwatering. #Cauliflower #Soy #Sauce #Low #Carb #Peas #shrimp #Stir #Fry #VeggiesWhip up a batch of Shrimp Fried Cauliflower Rice! You use cauliflower rice to help lower the carb count but it won’t sacrifice any of the traditional flavors you are hoping for.

Delicious Cauliflower Recipes

ive this G Cauliflower Rice Enchilada Bowl, a try. You get all those savory and spiced flavors of an enchilada all in bowl form, with a lot less carbs than a traditional enchilada.

Loaded Baked Potato Casserole is similar to a loaded baked potato casserole but you use cauliflower instead. This makes for one hearty and savory side dish for your weeknight meals, holiday and even party entertaining.

Cauliflower Mock ‘Potato’ Salad Recipe is going to give you that potato salad texture but in a lot more lighter version! This is one of my favorites to pair with say bbq in the summer.

Slow Cooker Sweet Potato and Cauliflower Soup, is one of the best comfort soup recipes to whip up on a cold and chilly day. The leftovers are phenomenal as well, and a dinner that the whole family will gobble up.

Cauliflower Roasted Red Pepper Soup is another hearty and savory soup to consider making. You have that creamy texture that has pureed cauliflower, roasted peppers, and other ingredients to really give you a vibrant and bold soup.

Serve this Roasted Cauliflower White Cheddar Soup in a homemade bread bowl, for a change or pair with some crusting bread for dipping. You have the rich and bold roasted cauliflower next to the white cheddar for this award-winning soup.

Did you know you could make  Low Carb Cauliflower Breadsticks? Yep! You sure can and they are outstanding in flavor and perfect for pairing with any meal or just devour as a savory treat to break up your day.

Looking for an appetizer or tasty treat that packs some heat? Try these Spicy Buffalo Cauliflower Bites that you can eat alone, or serve with a dipping sauce to help tame down the spice factor.

I swoon over these Cauliflower BBQ Wings you don’t even miss the meat. You get all those bbq wing flavors that are smothered all over your cauliflower.

Looking for a lighter tortilla to use for your tacos? Here is a  Cauliflower Tortillas recipe that is easy to follow and will give you a homemade tortilla look.

Another goodie to test out is this Black Beans and Cauliflower Rice. The black beans add a lot of protein into your rice that will help keep you feeling full and satisfied.

You can never go wrong with pizza! Here are cauliflower pizza bites that are a nice bite-size treat to serve up your family for a quick and easy weeknight meal.

Give this Bacon Cheeseburger Casserole a go if you are a fan of a juicy cheeseburger. While it sounds hearty because you use cauliflower it helps lighten the load!

Lastly, another great casserole is this Cauliflower Pepperoni Pizza Casserole. Layers of goodness that give you the flavors of a pepperoni pizza in every single bite.

On a low carb or keto diet and looking for some great Mexican inspired taste? This Cilantro Lime Cauliflower Rice is an amazing alternative to the traditional rice recipe.

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Looking for that perfect cauliflower recipes to serve up to your family or guests? I have compiled a nice list of delicious recipes all centered around cauliflower. Give these recipes a try, and enjoy the rich and savory flavors they have to offer. #healthy #mashed #cauliflower #recipes #buffalo #low #carb #lowcarb #keto

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