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Free Easter Printable Coloring Pages

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Coloring sheets are a fun activity to add to your Easter craft projects, especially when they are free easter printables. Easter egg coloring pages are always super fun.

You can make these Easter activities into a small coloring book and add them to your Personalized Easter Baskets along with these Adorable Bunny Butt Cookies.

You can grab my Free Easter Printables below. Please note these printables are for personal use only.

These free printable Easter coloring pages are so fun kids to pass the time. And you might even grab some crayons or markers and join in.

Grab all 4 Free Easter Printables

free easter printable 5

If you didn’t know coloring is a great way to relax and de-stress.

Even kids can get a little stressed from time to time, so I love to incorporate coloring with my kids, even the older ones.

There is no cut-off age limit for coloring these free printable easter pages.

You could be 90 and still enjoy coloring; it is a great way to relax.

Plus, with little kids, it is a sneaky way to create a short “quiet time” in your day. Scroll down to download the pages.

You will find these printables are perfect for getting ready for Easter, you have an Easter basket, baby chick, Easter egg, and you can’t have Easter, without you guessed it, the Easter bunny!

My favorite one is the Easter egg pictures. With a handful of crayons, you and your kiddos can create those eggs to be one-of-a-kind.

You can use a variety of colors and watch that black and white printable coloring pages come to life before your eyes. It is pretty magical to see what crayons or markers can do.

I always loved to outline my pictures in markers, and then color them in with crayons when I was younger. It gave a neat effect to the coloring page.

Benefits Of Letting Your Kids Color

The simple act of coloring offers a wide variety of benefits to your child.

I wanted to share some of them with you below so that you can see how that little bit of time you take to color with your child, can really reap benefits for the long haul.

happy easter with duck free easter printable

Motor Skills

Grabbing a crayon, colored pencil, or even a marker and letting your young child sit down and color is great for their motor skills. It helps them learn how to hold the crayon properly, develop the muscles in their fingers, manipulate small objects and more.

black and white easter printable basket with eggs on a pink background


Coloring allows your child to imagine what they want the page to look like.

Whether they stay in the lines or not, just coloring can help their imagination grow and inspire your child to learn and think of new ideas for many situations they may face.

So print out all of these fun free Easter printables and let their creative juices flow!

Helps In Coordination

Sometimes letting your child sit down and work on coordination and focus can be tricky.

They always want to go-go-go, and coloring is a great tool. It helps them pause, take time, and work at holding the crayon correctly, deciding on a color, and then where to put the color on the page.

It is excellent for hand-eye coordination for younger children.

Free Easter Printables

free easter printable 3

Stress Reliever

Like I stated above, coloring can be very therapeutic.

Even if your child acts okay, they might be dealing with emotions or struggles that we don’t even know about.

Letting them sit down and have a relaxing and fun coloring activity can help bring them peace and give them a boost of confidence.

free easter printable

Handwriting Skills

These free printable Easter coloring pages, free printables are great to help gain more hand strength and dexterity, which later leads to better handwriting skills.

They learn how to freely move the crayon on the paper, and that is good for both cursive and writing in general.

The coloring is a great thing to do for kids before they head off to school to help them begin to work and learn while having fun and not even know they are growing.

Don’t forget to pin, and for more free printables, head over here.

Looking for more printable Easter Coloring pages? Check these out.

free easter printables

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