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My First Christmas Ornament Cricut Project

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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Cricut. The opinions and text are all mines.

We have officially entered the Holiday season and lucky me, I get to do a ton of personalized baby things. I made this First Christmas Ornament for my great-niece using my Cricut maker. 

This personalized Christmas ornament is perfect for a baby girl or baby boy. It ties in a few of the amazing Cricut features and tools.

IMG 4646 1

I wanted something that she can look at for years to come, which is special to only her.

Plus I get to practice making things for my upcoming grandbaby.

The Cricut Maker allows you to create beyond your wildest dreams! With the introduction of the new blades earlier this year, the game totally changed, I still haven’t done all the things I want to do.

With the Maker and their special blades, you can with ease cut all the things, like fabric, leather, paper, wood and more. Life-changing right!

How To Make A First Christmas Ornament With The Cricut Maker

personalized baby first christmas ornamentsmade with the cricut maker

While making this baby first Christmas ornament you will learn how to use:

I wanted to make this project totally unique and personals, while at the same time showing all the things that make my Cricut Maker Special.

How do you make a baby’s first Christmas special?

This is kind of a tough one, they are so small and most likely won’t remember their first Christmas. So I like to do things like this first Christmas Ornament, you know things that are keepsakes. Things that you can pull out in later years and tell a story and the meaning behind the gift. This Christmas ornament would make an awesome Christmas gift and keepsake.

personalized christmas ornament made with the cricut maker

How To Make A Baby’s First Christmas Ornament?

That’s what I am here to tell you. For starters, if you are wanting something that is going to last on the Christmas Tree throughout the years, so a glass ornament is not going to be the way to go! Little hands like to grab and pull. I made this first Christmas ornament with basswood and gave it some gloss with epoxy.

What materials do I need to make A First Christmas Ornament With The Cricut Maker?

With the above items, you will be able to make anywhere from 2-4 ornaments. You can mix it up and make a few different ones using different pictures of the same baby, or make a different one for each family member. Use your imagination!

So let’s learn How To Make A First Christmas Ornament With The Cricut Maker. 

personalized baby ornament made with the cricut maker
Yield: 2-4

How To Make A First Christmas Ornament With The Cricut Maker

Prep Time: 20 minutes
Active Time: 45 minutes
Additional Time: 1 day
Total Time: 1 day 1 hour 5 minutes
Difficulty: Easy
Estimated Cost: $20

The Cricut maker is an amazing machine that an cut a number of materials. I want to teach you How To Make A First Christmas Ornament With The Cricut Maker.


  1. Using Design Space create your design, if you need help or inspiration, check the video.
  2. Once you have your design made, prepare your strong grip mat by taking the wood down. Not too close to the edges.
  3. The parts that should be printed will be printed on sticker paper, then cut with your Cricut Maker. I like to cut the wood while I am waiting on the images to print. IMG 4624
  4. The Cricut Maker will read the registrations for your sticker paper and cut it. IMG 4617
  5. Once everything has been cut, remove then from the mats.
  6. Remove the stickers from the backing and line up and place them onto the wood circle. IMG 4627
  7. Use your scraper to secure them, if not secured epoxy will seep under the paper.
  8. If you choose to finish the back add the vinal or whatever backing you chose at this time.
  9. I used Mod Podge Spray to seal the ink.
  10. After the sealer has dried you can apply the epoxy.
  11. Mix according to the bottle instructions.
  12. Place cardstock or something under the acrylic, I used the backing from my vinyl, because we are working with a very strong glue.
  13. I like to work on a few at a time, put a good size amount of epoxy in the middles of each.
  14. Epoxy is self-leveling so you just need to make sure the whole thing is wet, but not necessarily level.
  15. It will level itself.
  16. If you see bubbles, gently blow hot air through a straw to remove. If you need help with this part see the video here.
  17. Allow to cure for 24 hours. IMG 4632
  18. If you have a back after 24 hours repeat steps 10-16
  19. To add the ribbon, cross the bottoms so that the top curls the same way. IMG 4635
  20. Tie the ends in a knot. IMG 4636
  21. String through the hole in the ornament and hang. IMG 4646

Did you make this project?

Please leave a comment on the blog or share a photo on Facebook

How do you make a baby’s first Christmas ornament?

You will be able to make an ADORABLE first Christmas ornament with your Cricut and the instructions above. You will not be disappointed!

What is the most expensive ornament?

The most valuable ornament is an emu egg set in 24-carat gold (that’s the purest gold available) and covered in diamond dust. That decoration alone is worth £8.9 million.

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